Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

1. If I'm There, The Blue Jays Lose
I've gone to two Blue Jays games this year. Both times, they've lost and not heartbreaking, one run losses or anything like that either. We're talking "you know the game is over by the fifth inning" type losses where you stick around until the final out to hold out hope for a comeback even though all you know you're going to get is stuck in traffic. Further research is required though...

2. Want Wedding Info?
Check Our Website
Instead of doing work last night, Sarah and I spent the better part of two hours building our wedding website. We'll be using it as our information center for all things wedding related, so if you want to know what's going on, read some stories from us or just look at some pictures and find out where we're going, drop by, fill out the Guest Book and enjoy.

3. Workload Increase
Ask and ye shall receive, I suppose. After being doled out one whole shift this week at Montanas, I talked with my managers and let them know that one shift wasn't going to cut it. Checked the schedule for next week and what do you know? Six shifts. Time to make me some money!

4. Speaking of Work...
Still awaiting word on a couple jobs that I applied for earlier in the month and lemme tell you how agonizing it is sitting here checking my email 496 times a day without any responses. One is the ultimate writing gig for a guy like me and the other is a full-time gig here in London that would pay pretty well for something I could do with my eyes closed. I'll keep you posted.

5. Luke Has Betrayed Me
My sidekick has abandoned me. He is officially Benedict Arnold, having switched sides and joined forces with Sarah. I'm still the one he comes to when it's time to wrestle or play "The Bite Game," but other than that, he's her dog now. What caused the change? They have a mutual affinity for sleeping as much as possible. Getting out of bed in the morning lost me my dog...

6. Seeing Francis & Sandra Leads to Car Problems
It's pretty shitty, but every time we visit with my best friend and his wife, something happens to the car we're driving in. It was leaving dinner with his family (including his missus) over Christmas when I battering rammed Bambi and now this past Monday, more vehicular issues. Twenty minutes into our drive to the booming metropolis of Beamsville, the muffler stopped doing it's job. After the noisiest drive in the history of drives, the fine folks at Honda informed us we need around $750 worth of work done on our $2500 car. Moral of the story - We're never seeing Francis and Sandra again!

7. Directionally Challenged, Part I
On our way back from the Honda dealership trip mentioned above, Sarah and I got separated. She went one way, I went the other. Unfortunately, she was the one who knew where she was going. Can I just say that feeling lost and having no idea where you are going is one of my least favourite feelings in the world. Sarah got home and MapQuest'ed my location; basically, I went the complete opposite direction. To my credit, I did find my own way home, thank you very much.

8. Directionally Challenged, Part II
I'm off work today. We're supposed to be going to an Engagement Party for Sarah's friend Erin who is getting married this September in Ottawa. The party was said to be somewhere around Cambridge. At least, that was what Sarah thought. Tottenham is nowhere near Cambridge. This is what happens when two girls who grew up in Vancouver haphazardly discuss party locales in Ontario and neither really looks at a map or the directions. Five hours of round trip driving for three hours of a party just didn't seem like a logical idea. So now I'm sitting here writing to you while Ponce de Leon does her homework on the bed.

9. I Know I Just Said This Yesterday, But...
I still can't get over the fact that (a) someone let Verne Troyer tape them having sex with him, (b) people are actually interested in seeing such a video and (c) someone let Verne Troyer tape them having sex with him! Didn't they see The Surreal Life where he rode around on his scooter loaded, pissing in the closet and groaning like an injured animal in his sleep? Fuct... we're all fuct!

10. Website Coming Soon
Me and my man Newt have gotten together to build a new site. More details to follow...

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