Monday, June 9, 2008

The Next U.S. President (& Why Canadian Politics Sucks!)

Barack Obama has a 50/50 chance on becoming the next President of the United States.

I think it's more like 65/35 myself, but you never know.

How could Americans possibly want four more years of Republican rule? YIKES!

Obama secured the Democratic Party Nomination last week and got the full backing of his former adversary Hilary Clinton Friday when she called an end to her campaign and encouraged her supports to shift their focus to ensuring that Barack Obama makes it to the White House.

Words do not describe how excited I am right now about the political climate in the United States. In turn, they also do not do justice to just how craptastic I think the Canadian Political picture is.

This time next year, we could be discussing the first African - American President. Ever. Take a couple minutes to soak that in.

Whether you're American or not or an Obama supporter or not, the fact is that you're a living in an historic time. This is something that they will be teaching our children in History Class years from now and we're getting to witness it first hand.

Conversely, there is absolutely nothing of consequence happening on the Canadian Political landscape.

There are no inspirational leaders, no historic changes becoming strong possibilities, nothing.

We have a minority government for what feels like eternity, meaning very little actually gets done in Parliament, as Stephen Harper and the Conservatives cannot risk losing a vote and getting ousted from office.

Instead of taking aim on improving our country, our political officials take aim at one another's flaws and shortcomings, while failing to acknowledge or address their own while they're at it.

Don't get me wrong - I love my country and know that anywhere in Canada is far and away a greater place to live than anywhere South of the Border.

But man, what I wouldn't do for a candidate like Barack Obama to come and re-energize the Canadian Political scene...

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Newt said...

The race between Obama and Clinton was great because either way history was being made. Now that Obama has the green light I hope he takes it all the way to the white house.