Friday, June 13, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

Artist: T.I.
Album: Urban Legend

This is my personal party starter! Click the link, listen to the song and try to tell me it's not insanely infectious.

Welcome back - good luck getting the song out of your head now...

Before I break into the song, I'll Tip's extra-curricular activities out of the way:
Yes, he's currently on house arrest pending gun charges.
Yes, he's been to jail for drug related issues.
Basically, he is the epitome of all Hip Hop cliches.

Still, this isn't about Tip Harris (Real Name? Clifford...), this is about this song and how goddamn dynamic it is.

Here's the thing - anytime you sample Jay-Z, you're going to get my attention, so when the "What More Can I Say" sample kicks in off the bat, I'm listening.

From there - sonic chaos!

Swizz Beats produced this track and - for me - it's his best track to date. Ruff Ryders Anthem is a close second though.

Stop. Drop. Shut'em Down Open Up Shop. Whoa. No. That's How Ruff Ryders Roll.

Sorry, where was I?

This song is a narcotic to me - it get jacked every time I hear it. A good mood becomes a better mood and bad mood disappears as soon as I hear whistles. From there on out, I'm wired.
We used to play it at the start of every night at Sha-Na-Na's in Midland before people showed up as a way to get fired up. The Miami Heat then stole it from me for the NBA Finals...

There isn't anything overly compelling lyrically in this track - it's mainly T.I. letting you know that he's back (from jail) and that he still has skills.
This song isn't here for lyrical content, it's here for energy and how amped it makes me.

I'll put it to you this way - a couple weeks ago when Sarah and I were going on a road trip, I put together a couple mix CDs for the car, one of her songs, one of clutch hip hop that I love.

Guess what the first song was?

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Newt said...

Nice track. I had heard it before but never knew who it was. I got a little tired of it by the end because I don't care for, or had trouble following, the lyrics but it did pump me up a bit this morning.