Monday, June 16, 2008

On The Air with The Drunk Jays Fans

So there are these jackasses known as Drunk Jays Fans who have a little website where they claim to be smarter than you and more drunk.

They're definitely more drunk, but the smarter part is questionable.

Why am I mentioning some other site?

Shameless Self-Promotion!

They tape a podcast every Sunday night at The Score Studios in Toronto and last night, around the 30 minute mark of the program, an articulate, well-spoken and far less intoxicated guest joined the program.


The highlight has to be the Jack Handy-esque reading of one of my posts from last week. For a bunch of guys who have made no bones about their disdain for me, my writing and this blog itself, they sure did send a whole lot of free exposure my way...

Thanks boys... let's do it again some time!

Click here for the whole show - by the way, steer clear if you don't like the swearing...

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Newt said...

Any publicity is good publicity... I guess.