Friday, June 13, 2008

How Hard Is It?

Welcome to something new we're going to try here from time to time.

No, I'm not replacing Soundtrack of My Life. In fact, today's choice cut will be coming to you a little later, so don't fret.

How Hard Is It? will be a new, randomly occurring rant from Yours Truly whenever someone neglects to do something that is fairly routine.

Today's example: Returning Messages

I'm in the process of coordinating an interview for a new freelance job that I'm hoping to make a regular pay cheque.

The interviewee just happens to be a life-long friend, so getting him on board initially was easy. Getting a time and date to complete the interview, on the other hand, has been like pulling teeth.

Why? Because he won't return my messages.

How Hard Is It?

We're all super busy and it doesn't have to be right away or anything, but there is no way that in the last four days he hasn't checked his email or the messages on each of his phones. Yes, I've left messages at all three places... the piece is due on the 25th...

Here is how the process works:
Someone leaves you a message, you get back to them. Simple.

Even if it's a "I don't have time" or a "I need to cancel," get back to me so I know what the hell is going on, instead of sitting here impatiently waiting by the phones (yes, plural) for a call so I can then drive an hour and half to get this done on my one day off this weekend...

I understand that I'm being a bit of a brat with this one, because it is a friend who is doing me a favour by agreeing to the interview in the first place, but still. He gets the free publicity from an interview that will be easy as pie (umm... pie...) and I get a place in another magazine. Everybody wins.

At least, everybody could win if someone would just pick up the damn phone already!


Newt said...

I make sure I call back potential clients within 24 hours. Friends sometimes take longer but they generally understand.

Newt said...

haha... I also try to comment on Spencers blog within 4 hours of posting.