Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Wish I Was In Newfoundland

Being back in Ontario has many positives - better job prospects, more connections, more friends and family to see - but this week, it's revealed one glaring negative.

There is no ocean for me to go hang out at and it's got me missing Newfoundland some bad!

It's been sweltering here over the last week, each day mugger than the one before it with no real end in sight. The summer is going to be long and hot and humid and there is absolutely nothing in London that can help combat the forces of nature like there was in dear ol' Newfoundland.

Last summer, I was spoiled. I'll admit it.

Not only does Newfoundland have reasonable temperatures all summer long - unlike the blistering 31 degrees it was here earlier in the week - but there was also the ocean just outside my front door.

Ah the ocean. How I miss thee.

A three minute walk from my house (technically Andrea's house, but whatever...) and I could be standing on the shores of the Atlantic, a nice cool breeze always blowing in. Walking an extra ten minutes meant being at the cool little hideaway beside The Dobbin's house where we camped on Cinco de Mayo last year, easily one of my favourite places on Earth.

It's June 7th. The Weather Network says it's 27 outside and feels like it's 34. Thirty-four!

Oh how I wish I could standing at Middle Cove Beach, looking at the icebergs, basking in the 8 degree weather of St. John's, if only for today.

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Chalk said...

Spence, you realize in the more civilized parts of the continents temps in the low 30s are considered cold, right?