Monday, June 23, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

This edition is coming to you far later than usual. Normally, Sunday's are an early morning type of day where I rattle this bad boy off somewhere around noon and the spend the day vegged on the couch. That didn't happen today, obviously.

Instead, I slept until somewhere around 1:00, went and got some Whopper World and another season of Friends with Sarah and crashed until heading to The Cookhouse. Now home and cooled, glass of Carolans in hand, we're ready to rock.

1. Tipping Isn't Rocket Science
Somehow, no one in the city knows how to tip. For that matter, no one who comes to Montana's whatsoever knows how to tip. There are the occasional exceptions to the rule, as always, but for the most part, I've spent this weekend being "7% Spence" and not due to poor service. For the record, 10% should be a bare minimum... tipping the tax is always good form and anything above that is aces. Leaving me $7.50 on a $100+ bill after I sang "The Montana's Birthday Song" to your 7-year-old daughter is just ignorant.

2. That Being Said, Business Has Been Good
The downside of working almost every Saturday and Sunday is that, well, I'm at work until 10 every Saturday and Sunday so there isn't a lot of time to do other things. The good thing, though, is that I've been doing real well lately. I've learned that the quicker I turn over tables, the more money I get (I never said I was bright people) and on those nights when I have a crappy section, I just serve the crap out of the tables I have. It's nice when a weekend of work can pay for a week of fun.

3. Let Fun Week Begin!
This week is officially Fun Week - Sarah and I have six of the seven nights off together and we've got some plans lined up for a couple nights already. Dinner and drinks with Francis and Sandra in Beamsville tomorrow night and the Jays game Friday, perhaps with Bucky and Beast. Worst case, we've got killer seats (Thanks Chris!) and will enjoy a little street meat pre-game before taunting Chipper Jones with calls of "Laaaaaary" all night. There are still some openings if anyone is looking for something to do this week...

4. New Project: The Love of Sports
Signed on with another site this week and I'm pretty excited about it. They remind of Bugs when we first started - very ambitious, great idea and no pay to speak of. Oh well, Bugs has worked out pretty damn well thus far, so why not roll the dice with another site during it's infancy?

5. Restaurant Etiquette - A Public Service Announcement
If you want your food forty-seven seconds after you've ordered it, go to McDonald's. At Montana's, we actually cook stuff from when you order it, so when you ask me three minutes after I've finished taking your party of 15's orders how much longer the kids burgers are going to take, don't be surprised when I give you the "Are you fucking kidding me?" stare...

6. Wedding Plans Have Hit a Snag
Apparently the resort we want to have our wedding at doesn't have year round flights in and out. Additionally, someone very important to the festivities can't come until after we've originally thought of having the event. Needless to say, a trip to the travel agent is on the docket for later this week... Details to follow.

7. So Much For My NBA Finals Prediction
Stupid Boston Stupid Celtics.

8. Nearly Two Years In, I'm Finally Going to Meet Sarah's Brother
Tim is heading this way in early July and after 23 months of dating his sister, we'll finally meet. We've talked a couple times and I know we have several things in common (love of soccer, Guinness, making fun of Sarah, etc.) so it should be all good. Plus, his coming means a trip to Wonderland and lemme tell ya, I love me some Wonderland. If anyone wants to go this summer, lemme know!

9. Cool Hand Luke Was Made For Us
There has never been a more perfect dog for the two of us than our newest family member. My sidekick sleeps all the time, will eat damn near anything and is super cool. See? Just like me and Sarah...

10. The Jays Are Screwed!
I came to the revelation a while ago, but the removal of John Gibbons for the triumphant return of Cito Gaston (???) showed me that the Jays have officially Jumped the Shark for the season. Much more on this topic at Bugs & Cranks, of course.

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Newt said...

Despite the maturing experience of the Lakers it was nice to see the Celtics win the whole damn thing.