Sunday, June 15, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

1. Never Strain a Muscle in Your Chest
Unless you want to know what having someone kicking you in the same spot over and over and over feels like. I have no idea how I managed this, but I've done something to something in my chest and it effin' kills. Breathing hurts. Sleeping is damn near impossible, at least comfortably and there is only so many Advil you can take in a day. Off to the clinic tomorrow...

2. Spencer Kyte - Podcast Guest!
Later on tonight, I'll be taping my podcast debut with the guys from Drunk Jays Fans and lemme tell you - it's not going to be pretty. Saying we don't see eye-to-eye is a bit of an understatement. We're like Israel and Palestine, except without the suicide bombers. It'll go up on later in the week, so be sure to check it out...

3. Best Horse Ever
I got home from work last night in time to watch the North American Cup, one of the premiere harness races around and witnessed the sheer dominance of Somebeachsomewhere. "The Beach" is an absolute machine - 8 for 8 so far in his career - and beat everyone last night with minimal urging. Word from my harness connections is that this might be the best horse ever. Sadly, no one outside of the harness racing industry has any idea what I'm talking about.

4. Sad State of Cinema
Frequent follower Newt left a comment yesterday about have free movie passes that he hasn't used in over a year. Sarah and I copped some a couple weeks back too and so far there hasn't been one movie where we've thought about using them. What does that say about the movie business? There is nothing I want to go and see, even when it's free.

5. Where My Newfies At?
The Blockbuster Crew has been curiously absent around here as of late... whatta ya at ladies? I need some updates and info on what's going down out there! That goes for you too Deuce!

6. I May Become a Beer Snob
The days of Coors Light and Canadian and everyday, run of the mill beers may be over for me. I think my beer snob stage of life is about to begin. Went to a get together last night with a pack of Mill Street Stock Ale - loved it - and was provided with the best tasting beer I've ever had. It's called Innis & Gunn - it's Scottish, it's aged in oak barrels and it is outstanding, well worth the $3 a bottle you pay... I don't think I can ever drink anything generic again.

7. Good Times, Good Friends
Hung out with my friends Mark & Shelby last night and have to say that I think this is one of those friendships that is going to stick with me for a while. D'you know how some people are just good people? That's them. Plus, the currently refer to Sarah as Polk-a-roo since they have yet to meet her and that kills me.

8. I Was Thinkin' Arby's
So I indulged for the first time in years the other night. Lemme tell you how good it was! Curly fries are always awesome, but the two Beef n' Cheddars that I hammered back... MAN! Is it just me or does cheese sauce make everything better?

9. Wallets: Still Used or Have We Moved On?
I barely ever carry one. Sometimes when I do need it, I've left it at home and I don't even have a "proper" wallet. I use one of those fold in the middle, slotted card holder jobs... What do you think?

10. Happy Father's Day!


Newt said...

Perhaps we will have to make it a 4-some when something memorable (or at least marketed as memorable) hits the big screen since we all seem to have a free ride.

Newt said...

BTW Deuce hasn't updated his own blog since April so I think he's A.W.O.L. on the blogging front.

jennifer said...

Sorry.. MEGA busy with the pup, and now exams.. I do however drop by everyday to indulge in the ramblings of E. Spencer Kyte!! Keep it up!!!