Saturday, June 14, 2008

Not Happening

Remember The Sixth Sense? That shit was awesome.

Creepy little Haley Joel Osment seeing dead people, Bruce Willis dead all along and we never knew it. Hell, even Donnie Wahlberg was awesome in that flick!

D'you know what wasn't awesome?

Pretty much everything M. Night Shamallamadingdong has done since.

Unbreakable has it moments and will be forever burned in my head from Kanye rapping "Unbreakable, whatchu think they call me Mr. Glass?" on Through the Wire, but other than that...


Signs was horrible.

People made too much of The Village and I don't care what anyone says, I knew it was set in modern times. It's M. Night Shyandmighty - of course there is going to be a crazy, twist ending!

I didn't even bother with Lady in the Water.

Why all this M. Night talk?

His latest flick The Happening opens this weekend and looks absolutely brutal. The premise - from what I can gather from trailers and previews in theatres? Plants that make people kill themselves...

Are you kidding me?

Dude should have hung it up after Sixth Sense; pulled a Robert Forrester on the film industry... leave'm wanting more.

Instead, he stuck around and now he can't give it away.

Good night, M. Night.

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Newt said...

I didn't even get as far as The Village. Didn't even consider Lady in the Water and didn't even know he directed The Happening but I don't have any desire to see the flick. I have had unused gift certificates for the movies for over a year now. That is almost unheard of... but I don't want to waste them on the shite thats being released these days and I make it a personal goal to see movies that do the big screen justice when I go so no... I didn't see Juno in the theaters. Anybody know of any noteworthy movies coming out soon? These tickets are burning a hole in my pocket.