Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today Kicks Ass!

I do a whole lot of complaining on this thing.

I bitch about Dina Lohan's shitty parenting skills. I complain about various jobs and co-workers. I whine about my personal relationships and I've griped about pretty much anything and everything that has ever caused me frustrations in the 200+ days since iBlog went live in November.

Today - no bitching.

Today has been an awesome day.

Let's start with the fact that our dog - my sidekick - Cool Hand Luke is becoming the best dog in the history of dogs. He's getting used to the house and his new family and now even sleeps in his pen without so much as a single bark after he goes down. No more of this getting up at 5:30 crap like last week.

After taking him for his morning constitutional, I stepped into a kitchen smelling of freshly brewed coffee. I've detailed my coffee obsession / addiction a couple of times here, so I'm sure you can understand how much I enjoy just walking in to a steaming hot cup of joe.

Quick jump on the computer to see what happened over night. Updated the fantasy baseball teams - 3 in first place, 1 in second... out of four teams - and Facebooked a little before grabbing some breakfast and deciding on the course of action for the day.

Let me pause for a second and say this: Luke has also helped me get my ass in gear each morning. Once he's up, he doesn't relax until he's gone out, so the only option is to roll out of bed and take him out. By the time we get back, I'm wide awake - he goes back to sleep, the lazy bastard - so I usually start on my work for the day. I get more done now before noon than I ever have before in my life.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

#1 on the To Do List today was to get our Engagement Party invitations done, so Sarah and I sat down and hammered them out. Two things: (1) my opening line idea of "It's a Celebration, Bitches!" didn't get the votes required to make the invite and (2) I have no idea what the hell an Engagement Party is.

Prepped and printed, we moved to Task the Second - fixing the ceiling fan in our room. Over the weekend, Sarah and I put the stupid thing up because, as noted last week, it's insanely warm in these parts. You would think that somewhere in the instructions - which we indeed followed - they would mention installing the remote control sensor. You would think that, wouldn't you?

Since they didn't, we had to take everything down, put that stupid thing in and then put everything back up. Sarah came down and flipped the power and... nothing. We needed batteries for the remote to make it work now that we had it installed properly. We eventually found one and the fan works perfectly. Maybe I'm handier than I think.

Our next item of business was getting the car re-inspected. Yes, I said re-inspected. Apparently a lot of people commit insurance fraud, so since we bought the car second hand and at a lower than book price, we had to head out to some shop so they could take a few pictures of the car and make sure we weren't going to try and scam them down the road.

From there it was off to the vet, as Cool Hand needed his rabies shots and a general check-up. The little dude was awesome - he doesn't bark or anything when he's around other dogs and he barely winced when he received his shots. Good boy Luke!

Luke's oustanding performance made a trip to the pet store an absolute must, so Sarah ducked in their while I grabbed fixings for dinner next door at A&P. Fresh buns, a thing of gravy, cheese curds and... dammit! I forgot the ground beef. Seriously - we're making burgers for dinner and I walked out of the grocery store without picking up the main ingredient. Sarah went in and got it so I didn't have to feel like even more of an idiot.


Homemade burgers are one of the best things ever. My homemade burgers are even better than that. Lean ground beef, steak spices, Worchestersheershire Sauce and a handful of the cheese curds smothered in Canadian Club Honey Garlic BBQ sauce. Mmmmmmm... Did I mention the side of homemade poutine? In the words of Rachel Ray, "Yum-O!"

Watched a little PTI, answered a ton of questions on Jeopardy and now I'm sitting here watching the Jays and...

Home Run Vernon Wells!

The great day continues...

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Ashley said...

Luke seems awesome!
And you sound like a very proud parent!