Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Rundown: You Better Be There...

As mentioned yesterday, there is an Engagement Party happening this summer for me and the missus. I told a couple people about it earlier in the week and after completing work on the invitations yesterday, I riffled off an email to the rest of my peeps to accumulate the Mailing Addresses necessary for sending out invitations.

Note: I can't invite you all... we're running on a tight budget here people! It doesn't mean I don't love you...

Anywho, in the little more than a week that it's been since I started prepping people for the #1 event on the Summer Social Calendar, the positioning for presumably skipping the shindig has already begun. My mother even wavered a little...

This is not acceptable. There are only a handful of reasons that we'll accept for you being a No Show and here they are in today's Rundown.

Top Five Acceptable Excuses for Missing Our Engagement Party

5. You Live Really Far Away
Really far = Newfoundland, BC, Alberta, Korea, England... places like that. Flights cost a lot of money and we'd understand. If you currently live outside of the above areas, you better keep reading if you're thinking about not making it this summer, especially considering Deuce is going to try and make it in from St. John's for this bad boy...

4. Pre-Existing Plans
My friends Paul & Cori aren't going to be able to attend because it's Cori's Mom's 50th (Happy Birthday Dale!) and they've had a party in the works for some time. Summer vacations fall into this category as well. However, work does not count as a pre-made plan. Book the day off - or two days if need be - or switch with someone and get your ass to the party.

3. Freak Accident
If anyone can understand that accidents happen, it's me and Sarah. Christmas wasn't that long ago. Vancouver got ousted because of an appendectomy and our planned drive back to Newfoundland got changed into a flight home on Christmas Eve because of The Bambi Incident. Shit happens, we get that.

2. You Actually Don't Like Me
I don't think I'm the only one in the world who has a wrong impression about some people. There very well could be some people out there that I consider to be my friends that receive invitations who actually dislike me. I have that kind of personality. I know this. Just do me one favour? If this is the case, tell me, so I can add you to my "Who To Kill When I Take Over The World" list. Notice I said "Me" and not "Us" - most everyone likes Sarah!

1. Depression Due to Lack of iBlog Posts
Obviously, I'm going to be fairly busy during that week. At least, I think I'm going to be fairly busy during that week. Chances are that I won't be chiming in here every single day as per usual and I know how much some of you rely on this to help get you through the day (Newt...), so it would be understandable if you're too sad to leave the house. Then again, you'd be coming to see me and I'm even more entertaining live!

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