Thursday, June 19, 2008

Next Week Is Wide Open...

Rolled into work last night and took a look at the schedule for next week.

Let me preface what you're about to read with the fact that I took Saturday and Sunday off because we've got personal commitments on Sunday.

One shift.
Three hours.
Friday from 5:45-8:30.

What a bunch of bullshit! So I gave the shift away.

Why in the world would I sit around all week to go in for one, three hour shift on a night Sarah is off?

So that means next week is going to be a week of getting out and having some fun! Sarah is on Days Wednesday and Thursday, so we're actually going to get some quality time together.

She's on nights right now so days off are spent sawing logs with Luke... then I go to work an hour after she gets up.

But next week, it's all about getting out and having some fun, albeit it as inexpensive fun as humanly possible since I'm not making any money...

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1 comment:

Newt said...

Sounds like a week I would love to accidentally run into some time.