Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bullshit Button

Meet The Bullshit Button.

It's purpose? To act as a symbol of my disapproval with something, anything, that you and I all know is, well, bullshit.

Someone calls Tom Cruise the Greatest Actor of his Generation. Bullshit Button.

Britney Spears claims she's a great mother. Bullshit Button.

People argue that No Country for Old Men isn't a great movie. Bullshit Button... and we're fighting.

Got it? Good.

So why introduce my latest inspirational device here at iBlog to you today of all days? Because The Observer posted a list on their website yesterday listing "The World's 50 Most Powerful Blogs" and guess who didn't crack the list?

Bullshit I tell you!

I get 30 hits a day, from two different countries and have 35 loyal supporters (or friends on Facebook who feel sorry for me) and yet I can't manage to beat out the World of Warcraft Insider blog or Stylebubble, where some chick named Susie Lau confesses about her consumerism? Complete and utter bullshit.

Maybe we need a format change here at iBlog.

Maybe instead of my musical preferences, movie reviews and the occasional social commentary I should just start tossing up pictures of celebrities with MS Paint scribblings all over them...


Chalk said...

Hysterical. This is why iLove iBlog. It would definitely crack my top fiddy.

maria said...

Don't give up hope, and for the love of God, don't ever mention PH again.

Newt said...

Sorry Spencer, iBlog falls into 51st spot on my most read blogs. I think it was the death of the dishonour roll that made it drop a couple spots. Better luck next year.