Sunday, March 16, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

Been another interesting week...
Here is what I learned...

Atonement: Good Movie... Really Fucking Slow!
I won't give anything away, other than the pace. Turtles move faster than this movie and it's only two hours long. It's not like some three and a half hour epic or anything like that, which actually makes it worse. The problem is you can't walk away because it is a really good film.

2. Moving Day is Getting Closer
Funny how selling and shipping out the two main pieces of your living room makes packing that much easier. Since Calvin was coming to pick up the goods he overpaid for, we had to have them ready and that meant packing. Now, we're three weeks away from moving and have nothing but clothes left to deal with for the most part. This makes Sarah very happy.

3. Winter Isn't Over
We got dumped on today. It's expected that we're going to get dumped on tomorrow too. And all week. For everyone who said it looked like winter was coming to an end, punch yourself. Then come shovel my car out.

4. My B&C Colleagues Are Baseball Nerds Too!
A handful of us are taking part in a What If? Baseball League, where we've drafted the best possible versions of our teams from 1982 to Present and set out to decide who reigns supreme. Since the season kicked off Monday, my inbox has been flooded with bitching and whining about the less-than-accurate ratings players have, how there is no way Team A would ever sweep Team B and on and on and on. It's nice to know I'm not alone...

5. "I'll Win This Again"
Sticking with Fantasy Baseball, I just thought I would make it even more official than the ridiculously cocky team name above and tell everyone who cares (and all of you who don't) that I will be winning the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball league I am in with my buddy Sab, his friends from Sudbury and a couple guys from the casino. Updates coming every Sunday once the season starts.

6. I'm Giving Myself a Promotion
Instead of being a once a week contributor at Epic Carnival - it was twice a week but I ixna'ed Press Coverage Mondays - I'm going to become a more regular (read: 3-4 times a week) contributor. Why? I got paid more money for three months of work there than I made all last year at Bugs & Cranks. If I triple my output, I triple my money. If I triple my money, I'm that much closer to staying home and doing this full time.

7. If You're Making Homemade French Fries, Stay Away from the Yukon Golds
They don't crisp up very well. What they do manage to do well is retain oil and form into a big, greasy mound of potato in the bowl I was intending to serve them in. Too bad too because I made an awesome spicy ketchup to dip them in and everything.

8. North Carolina Wins The Tourney
I knew this at the start of the year actually, but since today is Selection Sunday, why not make the announcement now? Psycho T & Co. will bring another NCAA Tournament Title back to the Dean Dome after The Madness. And yes, I'm willing to bet on that.

9. Even Though I Don't Deliver The Mail, I Still Might Go Postal
If another person drops an F-Bomb on me when I'm just trying to do my job, I'm going to lose it. Nothing kicks off your Sunday at work better than having someone go on a rampage over the phone about how I should have called him sooner to remind him that the movies he rented needed to be brought back...

10. Best Stumble Upon Find EVER
Every so often, I click the old Stumble! button on my toolbar. 9 times outta 10 I get crap. Every once in a while I get something good. And then there is this - Proof That Girls Are Evil. BEST. STUMBLE. EVER.

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