Saturday, March 29, 2008

Return of the Nomad

I'm not sure who does more traveling around, me or the Travelocity Gnome?

I know he goes in style far more frequently than I do, but on the whole, I think I pack the bags and ship out on a more regular basis.

Ten days from today, I jump on a plane to fly back to Ontario, stopping over at Faye's in Cambridge for a couple days before setting up semi-permanent residence in London for at least three months. After that, who knows?

While that doesn't sound all that bad, this is just the latest addition to a travel log that has been running from Day One.

  • Born in St. Catharines, Ontario on October 30, 1978 (Write down the date and send gifts)
  • 3 houses in 6 years in St. Kitts, only one of which (Forrester Road) that I remember
  • 2 years in Amherstburg, a small little hamlet outside of Windsor.
  • Off to Chatham for five years - Grades 3 to 7
  • Summer Rental in Ancaster while we found place in Hamilton the summer after Grade 7
  • Hamilton Mountain for grades 8 through 10
  • Downtown Hammertown for the rest of high school
  • 1st Year: Residence at Waterloo like everyone else
  • 2nd Year: Off Campus - Yonge Street, a great house with some great people
  • 3rd Year: The Old Folks Home on Erb... HUGE Apartment + 2 obnoxious cats
  • 4th Year: Old Folks & Roslin - a midseason trade sent me down the street...
  • 4th Year Summer: Back into Res while running the Conference Center
  • Home to Faye's, newly relocated to Burlington... for a month
  • Up to Barrie - live with Faye vs. start paying my own way was an easy decision
  • Moved in with Katie for two months, then back to Faye's
  • Down to The Whelan's just outside of Hamilton for six months
  • Back to Barrie and eventually in with Beast for ten months
  • Off to The Collins' for three months
  • Up to Midland to run Sha-Na-Na's... and live above it
  • Met a girl and moved to Newfoundland, where I've had three addresses in 16 months
Damn that is a long list!

Needless to say, I'm a little bit used to all this packing and stress and moving and whatnot. Sarah is a different story.

She hates this. It drives her insane. It makes her crabby - very, very crabby. But she knows it, so it's okay. When she needs a break, she takes a break... or just goes and screams somewhere like I do at work every once in a while.

As it stands now, we're pretty much done. Most of the stuff that is coming is packed and we're living out of suitcases from here on out. We've even relocated to the living room couch - a bed that replaced the sold to Calvin futon - for sleeping, just so we can have all the linens packed. That's how soon this travellin' man gets back to travellin'.

In an ironic twist, Garry - Sarah's dad who I was going home early to spend a month living with sans Daddy's Little Girl - has been called out to Vancouver for a job for the first two weeks that I'll be in London.

So much for bonding...

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