Monday, March 3, 2008

The Picture Says It All

Until further notice, posts may be a little slower in appearing here on iBlog since I'll be trying to type with my fingers crossed.

The reason for my appendage bending is that earlier today I put the finishing touches on my audition/application for Dream Job #2, the position at The Score Television Networks as an On Air host I first told you about Saturday.

As expected, my brother was more than appreciative of the head's up on the opening and less than cautious in his optimism about being the successful candidate for this opening. From where he's sitting, the job is his; no others need apply.

He has, however, been kind enough to extend to me that should I fail to get in on my own merit - which, if things go according to what he believes is karma I will - he has offered to do his best to get me a job there too! Wow... thanks Pistol. You're so swell. Sorry, that should be swollen, as in your head you freak!

Anyway, nearly three decades of sibling rivalry aside, regardless of the outcome this is a big step. There have been lots of times where I have said I was going to put together audition tapes and just never managed to get off my lazy ass (Much Music VJ Search... twice!) and I have reversed that trend with this one. The demo reel is done and on it's way to Toronto as we speak.

From here on out, it's outta my hands. I've done my part and I did it to the best of my abilities. Now, we wait, fingers crossed.


Deuce said...

good luck with it man. Theres no one more deserving of a great job after all the work you've put into your writing, and trying to get yourself out there.

so good luck buddy. and all the best

Newt said...

Best of Luck to you Spencer.