Sunday, March 2, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

1. Sports Overkill Can Happen
I never would have imagined that I would ever say that there was too much sports coverage, but watching the coverage of the NHL Trade Deadline this past week changed that for me. Sweet Jesus did they over do it! All three networks ran 12 hours worth of television that amounted to three discussion worthy deals and a bunch of junk.

2. The Keg is Still King
My buddy Deuce had never been so we went one night this week. Can you imagine that? Never having experience the goodness that is The Keg? I know there are fancier, even more impressive steakhouses, but for a chain joint, The Keg kicks ass. It is a close second to sushi on the "Where do you want to go for dinner?" answer list.

3. Australia is My Wine Country of Choice
Enjoyed a bottle of Deakin Estate Cab with dinner and I must say, it's yet another Australian wine that was rather enjoyable. While I'll always be a proud supporter of the Niagara Region Wineries, between Lindemans, Wolf Blass, Yellow Tail and now this one, Australia is presenting some nice options.

4. Into The Wild is Really, Really Good
Listen, to each their own when it comes to Sean Penn. But do yourself a favour and pick up this movie when it comes out Tuesday. Or downloaded you pirating bastards... just watch this film. Emile Hirsch was outstanding as Christopher McCandless and the cinematography is incredible.

5. Speaking of Great Performances...
Benicio Del Toro is brilliant as a recovering heroin addict in Things We Lost in the Fire. It was a heavily dramatic weekend here at the house as far as movies goes, but both were very much worth it. Del Toro is one of those guys who I almost forget about until I see him do something like this and remember how awesome he is. Then again, how could I ever forget about Finster? I'll flip ya, flip ya for real.

6. I'm A Big Old Geek - Sports Edition
Since having seven - count'em seven - fantasy baseball teams lined up all ready for the upcoming season isn't quite enough, I dropped $20 on Sports Moguls Baseball Mogul 2008 simulation this week. You know what's better than running a fantasy team for a season? Building a fantasy dynasty that can play until the cows come home! And Chalk, if you're reading this (which I know you are), you'll be proud to know that I'm playing as your Devil Rays...

7. I'm A Big Old Geek - Writer Edition
D'you know how I spent my Friday night? Sitting on the couch reading a 375 page textbook on screenwriting. Mind you, it doesn't hurt that I felt like ass all day, but yep, nothing spells loser like a quiet Friday night on the couch reading. When did I become so old?

8. I Got My First Ever Radio Shout Out
Earlier in the week, my Editor-In-Chief over at Passion Nicole Chrysostom-Murray did a radio interview with a station in Montreal and happened to make reference to the talented writer in St. John's a couple of time. Yes, I know I should act like I've been here before Chalk, but screw it... I like being a giddy little school girl with this stuff! Peep the interview at the Passion website.

9. Triumphant Return Countdown: 37 Days
No, I'm not excited much.

10. We're Getting A Dog
Sarah's decision, not mine. Not that I'm not very much in agreement with this, but she just informed me that it's not up for debate. Once we get home, we're getting a dog. Name: Balls. Gotta love it...

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Chalk said...

I don't fully understand what this Devil Rays simulation thing is, but it sounds like you dropped $20 to pretend you were me. Good luck with that and don't let our D-Rays down.

I am told gonna kick ass with my What If Devil Rays + G-POPEs. Bonds with Canseco behind him? Plus EGDC Pena and Crawford and Upton. Unstoppable.

And I'm not too disappointed -- a radio shout-out is pretty cool.

And if you get that TV gig will you dress like the old dude on Hockey Night in Canada?