Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

Oh what a busy week it has been...

1. Remote Blogging - Not My Cup O' Tea
This installment is coming to you from the Health Sciences Library at Memorial University. Sarah's working on a project and since I need to get this done, I figured doing this now would be more productive than spending the next thirty minutes reading up on my Tar Heels victory at ESPN. That being said, this feels very strange. There are a bunch of people around, I don't have my folder full of pictures (hence the lack of Albert's presence this week) and I'm dressed, as opposed to being decked out in my housecoat and woobs. And for the record, my cup o'tea is Tetley's Jasmin Green Tea with nothing added.

2. Trendsetting - The Bad
Back to back Sunday's wrapped around the toilet bowl, puking my guts out. Unlike last Sunday, today had nothing to do with consuming an entire bottle of Vodka free from mix. This time, the cream that was just a little off - though well before the expiry date - got the best of me. Hopefully, this trend ends real soon.

3. Trendsetting - The Good
Got the mohawk shaved off today - I'm getting my professional headshots done tomorrow and the mohawk just wouldn't be a good look. That being said, the three-year-old boy in the chair next to me loved it and made the woman doing his hair turn his chair so he could watch me get my head shaved. Apparently he requested a mohawk when his parents brought him in. To this kid, I was a fashion icon, if only for the three minutes it took to remove my stripe of hair.

4. So Guess Who Is In The Final Four?
The North Carolina Tar Heels... BOO-YA! My boys played real well last night, fending off a pesky and impressive Louisville team that cut a 12 point halftime lead to zero before Psycho T & Co. put the game on ice down the stretch. Next up, the winner of the Kansas v. Davidson game today.

5. Tourney Tidbits
a.) Stephen Curry will be a solid pro and yes, he will find a way to get his shot off. He's Rip Hamilton, minus the facial hair and Hannibal Lector mask. This kid has ice water in his veins.
b.) As great as Kevin Love has been - and he has been outstanding - I just fail to understand why a guy who cannot be stopped down low insists on paying outside as much as he does. Yes he can make the three and knock down jimmies, but he's unmatched in the block, so why not just keep going to the well?
c.) I still don't like Memphis. I just can't see them winning it all, probably because if I were on the opposite sideline, I would foul the shit out of them and take my chances with them at the line. 65% cuts it against the boys they've beaten thus far, but it won't work against any of the remaining teams.

6. Transfer Completed
Monday, I found out that the job in London I was told would be there for me wasn't really there for me. If you're a regular here you read the rage the following day. Tuesday night, I vented to my boss. Wednesday, he got on the phone and got the job done. I'm officially still Rockin' the Block, at least, until something better comes along. Shhhh - don't tell them though, okay?

7. My New Celebrity Friend
As I mentioned a couple Sundays back, Michael Musto, the Village Voice celebrity / gossip columnist, replied to a little email I sent him stemming from his Musto on Lohan on Monroe photo shoot. This week, I got to thinking he would make a great interview for the next issue of Passion - our Celebrity Issue - so off went another email. D'you know what? He's in, no questions asked! The idea hasn't gotten approved yet and even if it doesn't, I've got a new celebrity friend to bitch about Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears with.

8. April Is Going To Suck
Being home will be cool, but being away from Sarah for a month will blow. Not that I didn't know this would be the case before, but it's just so much closer now. We're both being awful sooky with each other, wanting to spend as much time together before our thirty day hiatus begins and that only makes it worse. But it's only a month - we managed the two months at the start of this relationship without any hassles; a month should be a breeze, right?

9. Tomorrow is Opening Day
Honestly, I'm not as pumped as I thought I would be. Technically, the season began this week in Japan and the Braves and Nats kick off the North American regular season tonight on ESPN, but tomorrow is Opening Day for the Jays and well, this year is already shaping up a lot like last year. BJ is hurt, so is our third basemen, Boston is a juggernaut and New York is New York. Plus, the Satan-less team in Tampa looks better than ever before. Thankfully, Baltimore is going to be horrible, so the Jays can't finish worse than fourth. How's that for early season optimism?

10. Business is Picking Up
Of course, the start of the regular season means a return to routine posts on Bugs & Cranks, not just about the Jays, but baseball business in general. The Epic posts have started to flow more frequently and have been garnering a little linkage as of late, I'm a lock for the next issue of Passion (Thanks Nicole... I won't disappoint!) and journeying back to Ontario can only mean increased exposure and opportunities too. Toss in the screenplay that started coming to life earlier in the week and the writing agenda is getting pretty packed. That being said, should anyone from the Kitchener Record be perusing this prose, there is always room to cover sports for your fine publication, so make sure you call me.

Have a great week everybody. Five more shifts and nine more sleeps until I leave the island...


E. Spencer Kyte said...

Trendsetting - The Ugly
After taking the afternoon off from eating to see if this morning's "Trendsetting - The Bad" was a freak occurrence, I had a little soup and grilled cheese before work. I lasted five minutes.

Future Nurse is now looking up what potential ailments I might have; lactose intolerance is leading the way right now.

I'll keep you posted.

Ashley said...

If you find any info on being lactose intolerant, pass it along to E, would you? She's convinced she doesn't suffer from it,despite the fact that she's sick every time she "looks" at something from DQ!
Feel better!