Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Rundown

I like the idea of having things that will appear on specific days - like the Things I Learned This Week that will appear every Sunday. For one, it makes determining what I'm going to write a little bit easier and two, if it's good, you get used to it and make a habit of coming back, at least on those specific days.

With that in mind, Wednesday is going to become home to The Rundown.

What is The Rundown?

It's going to be a list of five somethings. Top 5 Movies, Top Five Albums, Top Five Songs and on and on and on. But it won't only be mundane, normal stuff like that. What else is going to be covered? Stuff like this week's:

Top Five Man Crushes

I have no problem admitting to having man-crushes. I actually got the idea from my interview with Cabbie, because he used it in reference to his favoute athlete ever Eddie George.

Anyway, on with the show...

5. Robbie Williams, Pop Star
The "fat one" from British Boy Band Take That became a fav well after harmonizing on "I Want You Back." It actually started when I first heard the song "Angels," which has since become a karaoke favourite of mine unfortunately for those in attendance. What is it about Williams that I love? It's the mixture of arrogance, charisma and showmanship coupled with the willingness to be extremely open about who he is and the things he's done. Plus, I'm sure he'd knock back a few pints of the dark with me if I ever ran into him... and that's cool.

4. Johnny Depp, Actor
I actually don't think this one needs much explaining. Anyone who is as ridiculously talented as the former 21 Jump Street star and has the integrity to march to the beat of his own drum is aces in my books.

3. Chuck Klosterman, Writer
Everyone needs to have their model of who'd they aspire to be like and Klosterman is one of mine. It's not just that he is a writer, but also what he writes, how he writes and who he writes for. Beyond his own novels - Fargo Rock City, Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs, Killing Yourself to Live and IV - Klosterman writes his own column in Esquire, does numerous guest spots on ESPN and The Magazine and pretty much does it all in the exact same way I one day aspire to.

2. Don Cheadle, Actor / Activist
Listen. You can say whatever you want about whoever you want, but if you say something bad about Don Cheadle, we're fighting. Dude is just lights out every time. He can be funny, serious, part of an ensemble or carry a movie all by himself, which speaks volumes about his talent. But it's more than that. Cheadle is also the co-founder of Not On Our Watch, an organization that focuses global attention and resources to stop and prevent mass atrocities as in Darfur and is also very outspoken about racism, an issue close to my heart. Seriously, I'll fight you over Don Cheadle. And he ain't even #1...

1. George Stroumboulopoulos
Every Canadian knows this man or at least they should. Those of us who grew up in and around The GTA met him on The Edge 102.1. Some watched him on The Nation's Music Station, Much Music which I gotta say was painful,, other than The New Music. But where Stroumbo has gotten his most attention - and deservedly so - is as the host of CBC's The Hour. Part talk show, part news magazine, all Stroumbo... it is hands down the best show on Canadian television and one of the best on TV period. YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW PEOPLE! George is intelligent, well-spoken, funny, self-deprecating, sarcastic and just plain effin' awesome. When I grow up, I wanna be George Stroumboulopoulos...

* * * * * * * * *
If there is something you want to see in The Rundown, let me know in the comments section. Nothing is off-limits...

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