Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things I Learned This Week

1. This is the year I start to make a difference
So, if you've read the last couple posts, you know I've been in an angry / contemplative / advocate kinda mood and the thing is, I kinda dig it. Something about wanting to take action and be involved feels real good to me. With that in mind, the remains of this year and all of 2008 will be dedicated to getting involved whatever way I can. The time to start caring is now. Maybe one of these days I'll do what so many people predicted of me back in school and get political...

2. I'm done with the fake smile, pretend I'm happy bullshit
Work has sucked balls lately and with each passing day I get closer and closer to the end goal of being able to tell day jobs to go fuck themselves. As such, no more inter-office politics. If I'm pissed off, you'll know about it and if it's your fault, we can talk about it if you like...

3. Dan Tobin has funnier pretend conversations with his cat than most people have actual conversations.
Seriously - click the link on the left that says Surgical Strikes! and read the conversation between Dan and his cat Trout, about Watson J. Dog (aka Dog Mirabelli)... I nearly pissed myself.

4. The Boston Celtics really are making me look like a loudmouth jerkoff
KG & Company are 8-0 at last count and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. He's playing every minute of every game as if it's the final two minutes of Game 7 of the Finals. Except, the way he's playing, there won't be a Game Seven... it'll be done in four.

5. Barry Bonds did steroids.
Now, I had sorta known that for a while, but a big old Federal Indictment solidified that belief for me earlier this week. Charles Barkley is right, this is a witch hunt and Barry is being treated unfairly, but could somebody, anybody just please step up and finally fucking admit that Barry Bonds cheated and this isn't all just made up media bullshit? Chalk?

6. Wrong = Wrong
I know McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro and scores of other Major League Baseball players used steroids, the same ones Barry Bonds used. That still doesn't make what he did right, okay or acceptable to me. People break rules every day and get away with it, but the guy who gets caught can't just say, "Oh, well what about them?" That isn't a proper defense...

7. I Own A Lot of Shit Music
Since I've moved to the new computer - which is still goddamn awesome - I've been copying CDs to my media center so I can listen to tunes whilst working. The one thing I have realized is that I bought a whole bunch of bullshit over the years. I haven't had back to back songs come on that I like enough to listen to since I've started doing this... I need to start downloading again!

8. Relaunch is in 9 days...
Passion Magazine, the Canadian Life / Style / Culture mag I work for, returns to shelves across the country next Tuesday. And yes, it's coming to the web too so my four American readers can check out my shit too. The link is over there on the left... but the site isn't up yet. It's not November 27th.

9. I'm not afraid of the future anymore
All this introspection and self-evaluation this week has made me painfully aware of a couple things:

  • I have an amazing girlfriend who I look forward to starting a family with
  • There is nothing wrong with only finding your way at age 29
  • Everything starts with one person
  • I'm a lot better off than I thought I was
10. You Want a Good Shoot'em Up Flick?
Live Free or Die Hard... Yippee Kai Yay Motherfucker!

Have a good week people... be good!


CresceNet said...
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Chalk said...

A federal indictment does nothing to increase the likelihood that Barry Bonds actually did steroids. I still think there's a good chance he never took them, at least not knowingly. We'll see.

And while I appreciate your acknowledgment of others suspected and guilty of steroid use -- the point where being singled out becomes a valid defense is when only Barry is threatened with losing his freedom.