Sunday, November 25, 2007

Things I Learned This Week

1. Sarah is The Scrabble Champ
Seriously, I've beaten her once in roughly 20 games. She is incredible. If there is an open double or triple, she'll find a word to make there and it's usually something good. I've even recruited her as my Scrabble coach when I'm playing on Facebook with the other word game geeks I know.

2. I Am Definitely Allergic to Cats
All this week I was waking up in the middle of the night having coughing fits and I said it was due to our roommate's cat Shabby having taken up residence in our room as of late. Sarah, the future nurse, thought there were additional causes, namely my being a smokey bastard. So last night we banished the cat from the room, washed all the sheets and settled in to bed and d'you know what happened? Nothing... I slept like a baby. Stupid cute cat...

3. My Car Knows I'm Getting Rid of Her
Yes, my car is a female. Anyway, Sarah's dad has been kind enough to give us his car (kind meaning he gets to buy a new car) which means the old Shitbox is no longer needed and I think she has figured it out. We're driving our new, used car out from Ontario in two weeks and over the last two days, The Shitty has been making some awful scary sounds. Hopefully she'll last the next fourteen days.

4. I Have a Serious Coffee Problem
And by problem, I mean addiction. Is four coffees a day too much? I don't think there is a time of day that I would say no to grabbing a coffee, whether it is made here at the house in the morning, purchased at the Timmy's across the street from work or served up with a fancy name from the baristas at Starbucks. I've had two today already and I know a third will be acquired on my way to work...

5. Having a Schedule Makes Things Easier
As you may or may not have noticed, there are a few more weekly segments popping up around here and I have to tell you, it sure does make coming up with something to write a whole lot easier. I mean, sure, I still have to come up with a top five list for Wednesdays and a song every Friday, but that's easier than picking from any of the random thoughts traveling through my head. Who am I kidding? I'm just lazy.

6. Joe Kennedy's Death Scares the Shit Outta Me
The former Devil Ray, Rockie, Athletic and Blue Jay died suddenly earlier in the week at the age of 28. He was a Major League Baseball player, which means he was probably in fairly good shape. I'm a 29-year-old who has been smoking for 13 years and no one would ever utter the words "In Pretty Good Shape" in reference to me. Always makes me a little worried when stuff like this happens... but I still haven't quit smoking.

7. Update: Boston Celtics, 11-1...
Yep, seems like putting those three guys who haven't won anything individually together is working just fine. In other news, I'm an idiot!

8. Sarah Really Loves Christmas
We were walking through the mall yesterday looking for a bridal shower gift for one of her friends when, in HomeSense, I saw a miniature Christmas tree and suggested we buy it for our room. I've never seen her face light up so quickly - not when I first told her I loved her, not when I told her I was moving out to this frozen wasteland, never. As soon as we got home, on went the Christmas music, out came the lights and up went the tree. She hasn't stopped smiling yet either.

9. I Really Don't Understand How People Don't Like Sushi
Out with some friends yesterday - before hitting the mall - the idea of going to grab some sushi came up and we headed down to Sun's. Lemme tell you, it was perfect: Miso soup, Green Tea, a Red Dragon Roll and a 6 piece platter with California Rolls. How anyone can dislike sushi is beyond me. It doesn't taste fishy, it's fairly good for you and you don't end up getting the McSweats afterwards. Not liking sushi is definitely a non-starter from here on out.

10. Launch is in TWO DAYS!
To quote Blue Rodeo, "Hey, hey, I guess it hasn't hit me yet..." but I'm sure it will when I head to Chapters after work Tuesday. For the first time ever, I'll be able to pick up a magazine off the rack, open it up and see something I have written, not to mention a picture and bio as well. I'll tell you all about it Tuesday night after we get back from our Celebration Dinner.

That's All Folks! Play nice...

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Shorty said...

Sushi + Scrabble + Sports = Perfect Weekend