Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Rundown: Songs For Mama

To tie into the preceding post about the passing of Dr. Dondra West, a woman her son Kanye often spoke of in his songs, I give you the Wednesday Rundown:

Top Five Songs that Remind Me of My Mom - Carol Anne "Faye" Kyte

5. "Hey Mama" - Kanye West, Late Registration
This isn't just a token Kanye shout out. This song is incredible and I am glad to say that even though we've had our differences, Faye is one of my best friends and the words Kanye speaks resonate with me.

4. "Me & Julio" - Paul Simon, Greatest Hits
My mom bought this CD and played it non-stop from the get-go. Every time I hear it I still picture Faye in the kitchen, doing the dishes, bopping to the beat and it makes me smile.

3. "I Will Always Love You" - Whitney Houston, The Bodyguard OST
Again, purchased and played constantly. As much as I really, really dislike this song and it's building, bellowing, booming climax, Faye loved it... so I like it.

2. All The Songs "Grown Folks" Dance to at Weddings
I've been to a handful of weddings with my mom and she doesn't leave the dance floor. I left the last one before she did. If it's older and got a beat, she'll dance to it and that's pretty cool to me.

1. "A Song for Mama" - Boyz II Men, Evolution
My best friend Francis danced with his mother to this song at his wedding and I'm probably going to steal it from him and do the same. No one song encompasses everything I feel for my mom better than this song.

I love you Faye...

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