Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things I Learned This Week

WOO HOO! Two weeks in a row...

Betcha thought I was giving it up when you saw the Film School post, huh? Just decided to pull a little double duty today since I skipped out yesterday is all.

This week's list:

1. A New Word
Disapprobation: [noun] strong disapproval, especially on moral grounds.
Thanks Chalk... you wordy bastard!

2. Give People A Second Chance
Sarah & I were supposed to meet a couple last night at 8:30 to see an apartment. They didn't show initially. As we were jumping in The Shitbox, a truck pulled up. It was them. I was fuming. Bad business bothers me. Sarah told me to take a deep breath, go in and humour them and have a smoke when we got out and I agreed.

Forty-five minutes later we had found our new place and know that we have outstanding landlords.

3. JT is My Man!
I don't know how in the hell I left him off Wednesday's Rundown, but Mr. Jessica Biel should definitetly be there, perhaps in place of Robbie Williams. Why am I remembering this now? Watched a concert film of his from MSG this afternoon...

4. The Boston Celtics Might Make a Moron Outta Me
My debut post over at Epic Carnival asked the question "Why is everyone handing the Eastern Conference to the Celtics?" Their 5-0 start, in which they have looked every part the best team in the East, has me wondering what is an appropriate side dish for crow?

5. I'm A Thief
Or at least, I will be come the New Year. I plan on stealing an idea from my man Dan Tobin and compiling a running list of all the books I've read during the year. You don't have that copyrighted or anything do you DT?

6. Casey Affleck Steals Ocean's Thirteen
Watched it the other night and have to say, in addition to the best mustache I've seen in some time, the side plot of Casey's Malloy Brother organizing a strike and revolt at the Mexican Dice Plant was the best part of the movie. And he has the best line too, with his response of "I hate that question" to Scott Caan's "Are you in yet?" Every guy hates that question...

7. December Can't Get Here Fast Enough
Normally, I'm not an advocate of the winter months, but this December brings with it a trip to Vancouver and Ontario, Sarah & I driving back to Newfoundland, a "new" car and a brand new apartment. Oh yeah... Christmas too!

8. I Really Do Love to Smoke
The plan was to quit after my birthday or whenever the pack I had at the time ran out. Can't do it... there really is something about lighting a dart after a meal/on the way to work/while drinking coffee/pretty much whenever that I love. I know - that's sad.

9. It's Been Two Years, Again...
Since I last talked to my old man. And it's his birthday today. You're right Smitty - I gotta write that book.

10. My Focus Here Has Changed
With adding Epic Carnival to the fold, I now how an outlet for all things sports, as well as a strictly baseball forum with Bugs. So, from here on out, this bad boy is all about Pop Culture and me, nothing more. Hopefully that doesn't alienate any of the seven people who actually read this mess.

16 Days until I'm Published...



dic said...

Just wanted to express my approbation for today's posts. It was sweet of you to put up a picture of me too.

dantobindantobin said...

You have my blessing. But does Blockbuster even rent books?

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Thanks for the blessing DT. It will mean that I will have to venture outside of the friendly walls of Blockbuster, but I think I can handle that.

Glad you strongly disagree on moral grounds Chalk...

dic said...

You can't be serious! If DISapprobation means strongly DISagree on moral grounds, then approbation means strongly agree on moral grounds. I was TRYing to be nice.

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Sorry Chalk... sometimes I can't read!