Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dishonour Roll: Dina Lohan

Dishonour Roll is the new Thursday feature where each week, one deserving mouth-breather will be taken to task for whatever reasons I see fit.

Something tells me that Dina Lohan paid way more attention to Amy Poehler than her daughter Lindsay during the filming of Mean Girls. And not the real Amy Poehler, but Poehler's character, the mother of alpha Plastic Regina George. You know, the one who's not a real mom, but more like a cool mom.

Sadly enough, she'll tell you the same thing. By you, I mean Harper's Magazine, where she said she's more like a sister to Lindsay.

Guess what Dina? You're not her sister. You're her mother. You're also her biggest enabler, because you would rather be her sister and collect as much residual celebrity as you can while your daughter spirals out of control.

Well congratulations - you've done it! You have your own show in the works. By the way, how's Lindsay doing? That's right, she's a cokehead, a booze hound and has seen more shaft than your average elevator and she's what, 21? Don't tell me - the media and society are to blame right?

D'you know who is really to blame D-Lo? Three guesses, first two don't count...

How about instead of riffling Daughter #2 into the industry that has turned Daughter #1 into the colossal fuck-up that she is, you take ten minutes and reevaluate the situation. Maybe you want to spend a little time with Lindsay, you know, maybe help her kick the drugs and booze and teach her how to drive? Let Ali have a normal childhood instead of seeing the dollar signs? Living vicariously through your children is different than prostituting them to Hollywood...

One thing you definitely can't do is say you fear for your daughter's life because of the paparazzi that is always hounding her while you vamp for pictures and self-promote. Maybe, and this is just me thinking out loud here, if your barely legal daughter wasn't out in clubs sans panties from age 16 on hanging out with Paris the Heiress and Mrs. Federline, the paparazzi wouldn't be following her every move. I hate the bloodsucking, rotten bastards as much as the next guy, but to an extent, they're only doing their job. Maybe you should do yours, hmm?

If you're really worried and not just saying what you think the media wants to hear from "Lindsay's Mom," go grab her by her over-dyed hair, drag her out of the club and toss her into rehab for an indefinite period. And not Celebrity Rehab either - Real Rehab - where some sketched out meth-head will scare the stupid outta your daughter. Or is it going to take something worse for you to get over yourself and see your daughter is a mess and needs serious help? Maybe an overdose or a more serious car accident than the 47 fender benders she's been in already?

Or maybe Ali will get her tits done too and start clubbing it up too. Yeah, that would be way more fun, especially if you're Dina Lohan.


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