Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Interview #1: Maybe A Little Star Struck

So last night I conducted my first real interview as a writer. I had done a couple three or four question jobs before with various people, but never anything substantial. Not until I sat down with Cabral Richards.

Anyone with a pulse and an inclination towards sports in Canada knows him best as Cabbie, the lovable host of "Cabbie on the Street" and "Cabbie Unlimited" on The Score Television Network. Check your local listings.

Cabbie and I were actually introduced a couple years ago by a mutual friend - what up Fihn? - and have stayed somewhat in touch since then. He also went to the same high school as one of my best friends and they hung out some, so it really is a small ass world.

Anyway, during the summer, a few of the boys at B&C had landed some nice little interviews and I was feeling a little left behind the pack and thought about who I could track down that would be willing to rock with me. Cabbie was the first person that came to mind. He's perfect for an audience like this and is just a solid dude. So I fired off and email and waited...

And waited...

And waited...

Until I finally got an email back, complete with digits and a plan.

We connected last night and the results should be up on the site tomorrow and lemme tell you... It's good!

I have to admit too - namely because Sarah reads this thing daily and would pull my card for not being honest - I was a little star struck sitting on the phone with Cabbie. But can you blame me?

Here is a guy that I admire and respect that I have been fortunate enough to meet and am able to call a friend that tons of people watch on a weekly basis. Just while we were on the phone seven or eight people stopped by to say hi and give him some love. Including this cat named Roman...

Roman told Cabbie that "our bodies are like radios in this universe" which received a "my radio is off dude" from Cab before Roman continued on how he always knew that he would meet Cabbie one day. Seriously, some dudes are crazy. Roman needs to make sure he wears his helmet.

Sure, part of it was star struckedness (look Mom, I just invented a word!) but part of it was just respect and appreciation. There is something very fulfilling about sitting down and doing what you love to do with someone as engaging as Cab. The way he is on TV is the way he is in real life, and as an interview, that is perfect. Besides, I'd sit and talk sports and bullshit with a total stranger for an hour, so why not get a little amped and talk to someone who is on National television pretty much every night and has two Facebook Groups created in his honour?

The only problem? The high I got, it's like crack... and I want more!

If you want more of Cabbie - click this!


Sarah said...

I don't think people can fully understand how you were acting when you use the word "starstuck". I would use ecstaticaly giddy... It was like being with a 5 year old who had just spoken to Santa Clause for the first time.

smitty said...

Poor Spen. Called out for giddiness.