Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Discourse on Discourse

"As for you Spencer “bitch” Kyte, were I come from you enter a man house uninvited and talking shit, you get a machete in your punk ass! On one hand it’s great to see the recognition that TSF gets from across the internet. Unfortunately we are getting so much attention that sewer rats like you feel compelled to come up in here with your ignorant shit, looking for your 15 minutes of fame."
- Sankofa, November 3, 11:06 AM at The Starting Five
The above quote was left for me in response to a comment I made at TSF about the Marc Ecko bullshit I was rambling about yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration...

* * * * *

Since I've been at this, I've stooped to name calling once or twice in my comments, though I've never made mention of someone catching a machete with their back. I read what the angry Sankofa had to say this morning, literally, first thing after I woke up and the entire drive into school with Sarah was spent discussing what I think is one of the plagues of our society.

The minute that we start to use name calling and threatening language, it automatically lessens the likelihood that someone is going to take what you say as intelligent, even if what you have to say is brilliant. Everything that is said becomes clouded in perceived ignorance because you've dropped an F-bomb or called someone a bitch.

You can say the same thing in much more educated and eloquent terms and make your point just the same, all the while not getting people's defenses up. We don't all have to have the exact same viewpoints on everything - what fun would that be? - but being able to argue your side intelligently without making it either (a)hateful, (b) derogatory or (c) threatening will make me want to keep talking and learning more of where you're coming from to further educate my opinions and views. Knowledge is power after all...

* * * * *

Respect begets respect.
Intelligence begets intelligence.
Act like an ass, talk like an ass, be treated like an ass.

* * * * *
Perception is everything, like it or not. How someone sees you, through your words, your actions, the clothes you wear is where they are going to form their opinion.

Is it right? No.
Is it fair? No.
But it's the world we live in.

Education and intelligence trumps all.

Never stop learning...

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dantobindantobin said...

As John McLain yelled out the window, "Welcome to the party, pal!"

And re: this post, I'd just like to remind that KRS-ONE stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody. There's a reason he's the best MC not named Chuck.