Monday, November 12, 2007

Dispensing Distractions

Just a minute ago I was sitting here at my computer drafting a basketball team on NBA Live 06, part of the EA Sports 06 Pack that I bought the other night with twenty bucks that Faye had sent me for my birthday. I figured, buying Live 08 for $50 didn't make as much sense as getting five games with older rosters for $20...

But I turned it off mid-draft. I'm actually contemplating uninstalling the software. Why? I'll tell you why...


Last night, I had a breakdown. One of those "I Just Want It All To Be The Way I Want It" type moments where I was just pissed about everything and one of those things was that I don't have enough time to do the writing that I want to do. I'd blame Blockbuster, but it's not so much Blockbuster's fault as it is just an economics thing...

Since I'm intending to make this writing thing the way that I pay the bills and support my family, I can't rightfully have a breakdown yesterday night and then spend today playing video games. I got shit to do. The list looks something like this:

  • Post #2 @ Epic Carnival (Done... CLICK HERE)
  • Daily Post at The Blog (You're reading it...)
  • The Eulogy of Philip Lawrence Kyte (A Book About My Relationship with My Dad)
  • Go over my notes from the Untitled Project with Sarah's Professor
Mix into that an extended shift tonight rockin' the Block and there really isn't much time for anything else, yet alone building a virtual basketball dynasty. I'm not even going to watch Shrek the Third that I brought home this weekend...

I'm just going to write. That's it. Eat, sleep, write, work, with healthy doses of Sarah mixed in there too. Oh, and smokes. Can't forget smokes... I love to smoke!

Time to go - smoke break, then I'll get to work, honest.

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