Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why, Because Your Other Career Moves Are Going So Well?

So one of my favourite girls of all-time, the incomparable Lindsay Lohan has apparently turned down a nearly $750,000 offer from Playboy to pose nude for their upcoming 55th Anniversary Issue.

Apparently being a pseudo-closeted lesbian who no one wants to hire because you're box office poison is working out far to well for Linds to jeopardize it by getting paid to do something she has done time and again for free in the past.

To her credit, she has been much more low key since she began dating stick figure Samantha Ronson. Gone is the cracked out, gant looking Lindsay, replaced by the curvy, big boobed girl we all fell in love with, but none of that has helped her land a job, so why not take the pay cheque while you can?

It's not like Heff wants you to do a pictoral with a horse or anything. In fact, the layout is said to be right up Lindsay's "Borrow from the Past" Alley, as she was been asked to recreate Ann Margaret's shoot entitled "Kitten in the Wind" from the 60's.

Recreating Marilyn she'll do, but posing in a pictoral of the person you most closely resemble in cinema history for a monster payday? Never.

Even though she's seamingly straightened up - pun very much intended - I still don't understand this girl...


disfunk82 said...

she probably turned it down knowing that it would get her a lot of publicity without having to show the goods, which may cause an even bigger payday down the road when she decides to.... and she will decide to do so

Ashley said...

ah, i love your lindsay lohan rants!
i was watching much top ten trainwrecks the other night, and she only placed 3rd! i was a little shocked!

jennifer said...

latest news... Shes engaged. They plan to marry by the end of the year..