Saturday, September 6, 2008

Different Strokes

Everybody appraoches their wedding in different ways and being here in Ottawa for Erin and Nathan's wedding today is showing me that I'm even more excited about the way we've decided to go about things come April.

For one, it's raining here as we speak and while rain is always a possibility wherever you are, at least rain in the Dominican will be amidst warm weather and white sand beaches...

Secondly, night's like last night won't have to happen for us. While it was nice to be invited over to their house to get together and say hi, when you know three people in the room and one of them is the bride, you're conversation options are limited. Now, I'm a social guy and willing to talk to anyone, but uh, it kind of relies on other people engaging you in a small way to get the ball rolling. Instead, our small little crew will mostly all know each other before hand and have ample time to learn more about each other over the course of the week in the sun.

And there will not - I repeat THERE WILL NOT - be a Wedding Day Itinerary itemized and planned down to fifteen minute intervals. When you need to plan out the day and hand out "Here is how the day is going to go" itineraries to everyone remotely involved in the day, you've got too much going on and too much to worry about. I want our wedding day to be the most relaxed and enjoyable day of our lives, not some frantic zoo where we're worried because Rob was supposed to arrive with the flowers 47 seconds ago and the car leaves in 83 seconds.

The other part that has become more and more clear to me is how much I really enjoy that we're going to end up having a small, personal wedding.

Not that either of us wouldn't have loved to have everyone we know and their sisters coming to some lavish event, but really, we're not those people. Having my second cousin that I haven't seen in five years at my wedding simply because they are family doesn't make sense to me. Instead, we've got 20 or so of our closest coming to the resort where we'll be able to spend all kinds of time with each and every person. To me, that is far more enjoyable than anything else.

Of course, the truth of it all is that things like this are completely subjective and what works best for you is all that matters. So regardless of the fact that your parents might not be the biggest supporters of going away or your nearest and dearest don't understand why you're not going away, the only thing that matters is that you're happy.

Our wedding couldn't be more different than Nathan and Erin's and we both couldn't be happier.

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Newt said...

Its hard to beat a white sandy beach...even with a light rain.