Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now This Is More Like It

With all due respect and love to my future wife and everyone I've been spending time with here in Vancouver... Man have I needed today!

Today is the first day in the last two weeks or so that I have been left 100% on my own to do as I please, which in younger years would have meant scouring the Internet for porn, watching all kinds of movies and probably taking a long afternoon nap. But now, after a horrible day yesterday that originally was supposed to be very similar to the day I'm having today, that means sitting here on the laptop hammering out as many pieces as I can for the numerous sites and readers that I have been depriving of my witty banter over the last fourteen days.

I'm not going to get into great detail about yesterday. It sucked, plain and simple and I will never understand why friends and parents cannot fathom that sometimes, just sometimes, people have different opinions and ideas than you and you're not always right. Maybe I'm just spoiled with the close relationships that I have, but more and more I get the feeling that a lot of people don't live in the real world and can't get out of their own way when it comes to friends and family... and that's mighty effing annoying!

But it's not all doom and gloom faithful followers...

Cranbrook has gained steam following Sarah's awesome interview last week and references are in the process of being checked. In fact, the phone could be ringing today with a job offer for the future Mrs. Kyte. And she's not the only one who has found herself a job.

The place we've found to rent is in the ski resort village of Kimberley. The restaurant that operates in the resort? Kelsey's, Montana's Cara Foods cousin and they happen to be hiring a year round, full-time bartender, a seasonal full-time server and a seasonal front of house manager. Can you say shoe-in?

I've applied for the bartending gig as it offers continuous employment for the three years we anticipate staying out this way (at least to begin with) and presents the greatest earning potential of the lot. Ski resort bars are awful busy and being the sports-minded, charming, mildly attractive guy serving up Caesars sounds like a plan to me.

Getting a free ski pass, free rentals and free lessons doesn't hurt either, especially considering that the one time I've snowboarded I ended up concussed and we'd need to buy furniture before I got around to buying a bunch of Burton gear.

Future bartending jobs aside, there is really something to be said about British Columbia. It's beautiful here and while I know we've been spoiled by glorious sunshine and not a single drop of rain since we landed, the scenery and easy-going flow of the city doesn't change with the weather. Much like Newfoundland, this is one place that every has to come at least once in their life, just to see the sights.

It's nice to be back... at least for today...

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