Monday, September 29, 2008

Dishonour Roll: Megan Fox

With any good fortune, Megan Fox will become the next Susan Ward.



Susan Ward was a Hollywood "It Girl" circa 1999, when after some marginal performances on classic shows like Malibu Shores and Sunset Beach she landed a role in The In Crowd.

Basically, she was pretty, posed for some scantily clad glossies a time or two and shot to stardom. She hasn't been heard from since, unless you count starring in blockbusters like Who's Your Caddy? or playing Hooker #3 in Just Friends.

But why would I focus this ill will on the future Mrs. Brian Austin Green?

Read her interview in this month's GQ - on news stands now! - and tell me she isn't a walking hypocrisy that you just want to kick in the teeth.

Let's start with "I don't want to be famous right now," a quote taken directly from the article. You don't want to be famous right now? Fine, stop doing 967 photo shoots and giving interviews like this. Simple.

And don't whine about being so anxious to go on stage that you have to pop a Xanax before you do it either or how your entire life has become front page news. Maybe it's because you play bag-tag with your hubby in public and discuss how you fell in love with a stripper.

If you want people to know you through the movies you do, stop playing brainless sexpots and do some real acting. Bending over Bumblebee isn't acting. Playing the sexy young starlet in the upcoming How to Lose Friends and Alienate People isn't acting either; it's called being Megan Fox.

Oh wait... there's more!

"Transformers 2 is directed by Michael Bay."

That was her response to being asked if her character in the upcoming sequel has more depth and development from the original where she was simple eye candy with seven lines.

While I agree that Michael Bay isn't synonymous with character development, shut your pie hole and be appreciative, because without Michael Bay, you're nobody special. Dude made you who you are right now and you slag him about something he lampoons himself about... makes you sound like a spoiled little bitch in my books.

Throughout the interview, she pretty much rails against the sexual double standards that exist in society.

Fair play, but guess what sister? They've been around much longer than your 22 years and will be here for the foreseeable future, so whining about it doesn't do a lot of good.

Disney isn't going to get mad at the douche bag who posted Vanessa Hudgens' naked pictures; they're going to get mad at their cash cow for potentially ruining a million dollar enterprise whether that is fair or not. Same with the whole Miley Cyrus flap.

These girls apologized because they like their careers and the money they make. I'm sure they don't feel bad about the actual pictures, they just know that Disney is a machine that will keep churning out new tween queens whenever the old one wears out and getting as much money and work out of them before getting dumped is a lot smarter than saying things like "Fuck Disney" and watching High School Musical 3 where we suddenly find out Gabriella died over the summer and some new bitch has stolen Troy's heart.

Megan Fox just isn't smart enough to understand that yet.

Or any part of the business for that matter.

Actually, she's just not smart, period.

At least not in my books and that's what landed her here.

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Ashley said...

I just love it when the dishonour roll appears unexpectantly on a random Monday! Excitement!