Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman (1925 - 2008)

We lost a legend last night and Heaven gained one of the greatest talents ever to grace the screen.

Paul Newman lost his battle to cancer. He was 83.

If you've never listen to anything I have said here over the months that I've been doing this thing, listen just this once:

Go to whatever movie store you rent from, even if you don't rent movies anymore, and grab as many of Paul Newman's old classics as you can. Make no plans other than spending the day watching greatness at work.

Get Hud.
Get The Sting.
Get Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.
Get The Hustler and Color of Money.
Get Cool Hand Luke.

Pop some popcorn, grab whatever cold beverage you favour and just sit back.

Watching Newman at work, in everything, but especially along side Redford as Butch opposite Sundance and in The Sting and you'll wonder why we have to suffer through the scores of horrible movies Hollywood sends us each year.

The answer, in part, is that they don't make them like Paul Newman any more.

Enjoy a two minute glimpse at greatness here... best fight scene ever.

Thank you Mr. Newman.

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movie fan said...

it's hard not to admire Paul Newman for putting his money to work in such productive ways, such as his Newman's Own line--high quality stuff and the proceeds go to good causes... very smart.