Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Rundown: Crappy Movies We Love

First, sorry about being gone since Friday. The last couple days in Vancouver were jammed with activities and I've pretty much been sleeping and planning our move since getting back. And spending time with the dog. It's insane how much I missed the sock-eating little bastard.

Second, instead of continuing to plan our move to Cranbrook this afternoon, Sarah, Luke and I crashed out on the floor of the basement and watched Kate & Leopold. We were flipping when we sat down for lunch and as soon as Sarah saw the title screen her eyes lit up and a smiling face turned to me and said, ever so sweetly, "Can we watch it?"

How could I say know? Besides, why would I want to? While it's no Oscar winner, it's also a lot better than, say Citizen Kane and that long-winded piece of black and white boredom cleaned up back in 18-ought-4 when it came out.

What I'm saying is that we all have these movies, horribly predictable, cheesy, sappy, smaltzy wonders that no matter how many times we've seen them or how bad our friends tell us they are, we still go back to them.

Kate & Leopold fits the bill for Sarah. The five films that follow are mine.

The Kate & Leopold List: My Favourite Crappy Movies

5. Someone Like You
Kate & Leopold is Sarah's Hugh Jackman movie and this one is mine. There are two main reasons I like this flick: 1) Ashley Judd stars and she parades around in her underwear for a couple scenes and (2) Hugh Jackman's classic line explaining his hickey - "I bit myself shaving." I've used it many times myself. There is nothing cerebral about this flick and you know from the jump how things are going to end up, but still, you can't pull away. At least I can't.

4. Benny & Joon
This one isn't actually a crappy movie; it's really quite good and a lot of people I know thoroughly enjoy it. They're the ones with good taste. I am too.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You
Ah Shakespeare set to teenage high school melodrama, how I love thee... Bonus points to this flick for having a killer soundtrack including "I Want You To Want Me" and "Cruel to be Kind."

2. Love, Actually
Hugh Grant is the Prime Minister of England. Bill Nighy is a washed up old rock star without a censor. Colin Frissell is off to search for women... in Milwaukee! What's not to love about this flick? Of course, there is also the gorgeous Keira Knightley and that guy who holds up cue cards for her at the door telling her how she is perfect to him and the bad guy from Die Hard getting hit on by his naughty secretary. I honestly watch this movie once every three months, minimum.

1. Two Weeks Notice
Yeah, so I have a soft spot for Hugh Grant. It's probably because he doesn't actually play characters so much as he plays a version of himself in every film he does. And Sandra Bullock is just the perfect cute-but-not-too-good-looking foil for any romantic comedy. That's why Miss Congeniality worked so well. The Lake House, not so much, but that's for another day. If you haven't seen this and need a fun night in, go get it. As always, you can thank me later.


Newt said...

Nice choices. Ten things I hate about you is definitely on my list. I watch Hoosiers every time I see it on the TV so I would put that on the list. Also, (here is where it goes downhill) Bring It On makes my list. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days makes the top 5 and Jurassic Park rounds it out. I can't tear myself away from that one for some strange reason.
That was fun... now I want to go home and watch crappy movies.

Motorokr said...

10 things is an awesome movie, and I thing the Ledger was in there right?

jennifer said...

I love 10 Think I Hate About you.. it was aweome!