Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Being Hot Doesn't Mean You Can Act

Two things I most certainly am: a confessed comic book geek and a huge movie nerd.

With those things in mind, I draw your attention to the comely lass to the right.

For those of you without testicles, meet Megan Fox. The boys all know who she is, trust me.

The star of Transformers - outside of Shia LeBeouf and those robots - who used to be engaged to "David Silver from 90210" is being talked up all over the interwebs as the actress that fans would most like to see play Catwoman should she emerge in the next installment of Chris Nolan's Batman.

This is what happens when comic book geeks who have never seen a naked woman outside of a strip joint or porn flick insert their ultimate fantasy into the fantasy world they love the most.

Is Megan Fox aptly named? Absolutely - she's undoubtedly a complete knockout. An Angelina Jolie wannabe, but a knockout nonetheless.

Can she act? NO!

Think of the lineage of Catwoman on the silver screen. You want to follow up Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry with Megan Fox? Even though Berry's Catwoman was a horrible film, there is no questioning her talent or that of Pfeiffer. How could you want to follow those talented ladies up with some non-acting hottie du jour?

You know who looks good in lycra and can act too? Kate Beckinsale. Hello Underworld! Plus, she's age appropriate and I don't mean that in a "suitable for children" way.

Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne / Batman is a much better match with Beckinsale than Fox, just as Maggie Gyllenhall as Rachel Dawes worked far better than Joey Potter.

Should Catwoman become a reality in an upcoming installment of the outstanding Batman franchise, I hope to the Comic Book gods that Hollywood goes with some actual talent and not Megan Fox or any other hard-on enducing wet dream of basement dwelling fanboys.

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