Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Rundown: Wonderland Baby!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be altogether awesome!

First, I'm FINALLY meeting Sarah's brother Tim for the first time. It might take place tonight if he somehow manages to make it through Customs, to the ticket booth and onto a plane in roughly 90 minutes after he lands in Ottawa.

Like I said, I'm meeting him tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. We've talked a couple times and we have some similar interests (Guinness, soccer) so it will be great to get to hang out and get to know him after nearly two years of dating his sister.

And what better place to bond than Wonderland! Nothing can bring you closer together than being strapped in to the Extreme Sky Flyer as you're forced to pull your own chord and plummet towards the ground shrieking and laughing.

With that in mind, why not celebrate all that is great about Paramount Canada's Wonderland in today's installment of The Rundown...

Top Five Things About Wonderland

5. Funnel Cakes
Do I need to explain?

4. Overpriced Games
One word: Whack-a-Mole!

3. The Water Park
We're fo' shizz hitting up the Water Park tomorrow, as it will be sweltering hot and everyone needs a float in an inner tube down the lazy river after packing back as much food as humanly possible at the All-U-Can-Eat BBQ lunch we're getting. I'm also a huge fan of speed slides and water slides too.

2. Old, Wooden Roller Coasters
The Great Canadian Mindbuster is one of the best roller coasters ever. Not stylistically, not technologically. Hell, even the name is kind of crappy. What it does have going for it is the all-wood design that rattles and hums the whole way along, making you think that at any minute, you're going to be the guy who was on the ride when it finally broke. With the super-harnesses that they strap you in with on rides like Top Gun, you need to feel the frightening experience of sliding back and forth in your seat with nothing but a metal bar that doesn't quite sit low enough as the only barrier between you and death.

Have you seen this thing yet? Have you heard about it? $26M of awesomeness and I can't wait to give it a whirl. Or two. Or three. The first drop is 85 degrees at a top speed of 77 mph. Plus they have these new "Open Air" cars where there is no box for you to sit in; it's just you, safety thing jammed into your crotch and away you go. I just might shit my pants...

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Newt said...

Poopie-bums are known to scare off future brother-in-laws. Perhaps you should sit in the cart behind him on behemoth.