Saturday, July 12, 2008

Customers of the Week

I've been doing my fair share of working at the Cookhouse over the past couple weeks.

According to my review, I am a welcome addition to the group who is always very engaging and outgoing with customers and delivers outstanding service.

See Sarah - I'm not just full of myself...

Which makes these two sets of clowns even bigger douchebags in my books.

Last night, I got $0.00 from an older couple. I know the host didn't accidentally throw my money out - one had done so earlier in the night - because it was near the end of service and I was clearing my own tables by that point.

Now, I admit that their relatively small bill of $27.00 and change doesn't warrant a million dollar offering, but nothing? How brutal is that?

Not as brutal as the guy who was kind enough to take the tip money that his friend had left on the table off of the table - in front of me - on Monday night.

To my credit, I didn't drop what I was doing and rip his throat out with my bare hands, Roadhouse style. I should have. The police would have understood.

He was with a party of eight people in their mid-20s who couldn't decide how to split their bills.

Note: if you don't have friends who you can just say "I got this one, you get the next one" with on a $15 bill, you need new friends.

So after splitting the three pitchers of Keith's 7 WAYS and getting all eight people individual bills (and suckers), our hand-held debit machines started acting up. Basically, it told me the total left on the table was less than the actual amount remaining, so I had to deal with that.

It took about three minutes, during which time I apologized twice. As I was walking over to finalize the last transaction, fuckface looks me in the eyes, reaches over and picks up the money - a stack of coins, so maybe $3.00 - and slides it into his pocket.

Where I come from, that's cause for fisticuffs. I just stood there fuming...

Thankfully, there have been some actually great customers this week and I've been doing alright.

That being said, Saturday is usually the night of the cheapskates. This should be interesting.

Please tip your server...

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