Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Those Silly Christians

Pictured to the left is American sprinter Tyson Gay.

The former Arkansas Razorback is the reigning Gold Medalist in the 100m and 200m and a member of the champion United States 4 x 100m relay team. A year or so ago, he starred in his own Adidas commercial during the "Impossible is Nothing" campaign.

Over the weekend, Gay posted some crazy-fast times at the US Olympic Trials, notching a 9.77 in his qualifying heat and producing a wind-aided 9.68 the following day to register the fastest time ever record regardless of conditions.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, Sunday morning, the headline at OneNewsNow.com - who bill themselves as providing "Your Latest News from a Christian perspective" - had a headline reading "Homosexual eases into 100m final at Olympic Trials."


Turns out, in an effort to not use the word "gay" anywhere on their website, the fine folks at OneNewsNow have a filter set up that automatically changes the word "gay" to "homosexual" whenever it is encountered.

That means the Memphis Grizzlies best player is Rudy Homosexual.

For joint and muscle pain you should always use Ben Homosexual.

The Flintstones were going to have a homosexual old time.

The site has since corrected the erroneous automatic substitution, but the really funny part of all of this to me comes from the following line from OneNewsNow.com's explanation of what they provide:

At OneNewsNow.com, you will get your news from reporters you can trust to give the latest news without the liberal bias that characterizes so much of the "mainstream" media.

Wouldn't want any of those liberal biases...

You know it's them liberals that are the twisted, perverted bastards that let them homosexuals run races in the first place!


Ashley said...

you're hilarious!
happy canada day!

jennifer said...


That`s all I have to say!!

Eversaved said...

Silly Christians! We wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea by thinking gay people are anything less than struck with a dread disease, now would we!?

I have a few experiences of my own with the very interesing Christian worldview.

Lord, deliver us from your believers.