Friday, July 18, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

Song: Up All Night (Sleep All Day)
Artist: Slaughter
Album: Stick It To Ya (1990)

Why Slaughter?

Besides being totally rad when I was in like Grade 6, this song is the perfect theme song for my house right now.

Both Luke and Sarah do a pretty good job of living this song to the fullest, just like Jeff Sanislo and I did that one night I slept over at his place and we played Nintendo all night while eating candy from the Beckers around the corner from his house.

And then there is me.

It's 3:03 AM and I just started a tournament on PokerStars. Sarah's at work, Luke is roaming around the house randomly barking at anything and everything and my eyes are bugging out of my head from staring at this screen for the last (doing mental math) three and a half hours of poker-y goodness.

Up all night tonight, sleep all day tomorrow.

See? It fits.

(P.S. Fly to the Angels still rocks to this very day...)


Anonymous said...

I've also spent many a night on Pokerstars until 3am my friend... keep the party going!

Newt said...

I uninstalled pokerstars. The process was a cross between a self-exorcism and cutting off a major limb. It was a horrible thing to go through but my nights have been at least 40-50% more productive since then.