Saturday, July 19, 2008

Questioning My Coolness

I don't know if that is happening or has happened to anyone else, but I've been questioning my coolness recently.

Not that I was ever the complete epitome of cool, but I like to think that there was a time when I had my finger on the pulse - I knew the trends, the fashion, the music, the style, everything - and did my best to represent that. These were also the years, looking back, where I was know to have sported the D-bag Uniform a time or two as well, so what does that tell you?

Nowadays, my finger is far from the pulse and truthfully, I'm really fine with that. What's cool these days is absolutely retarded. That's why the cartoon batting leadoff on this post is so damn funny.

And that's why My New Haircut has nearly 2 million hits on YouTube.

I walked through the mall the other day with Sarah and had no inclination whatsoever to go into stores like American Eagle or Aeropostale because they sell the exact same crap - frat boy garbage that has their name splattered all over it for ridiculous prices. If I'm going to pay $35 for a golf shirt, I don't want it to be one that I already saw fourteen kids walking around in - collars popped of course - that says American Eagle.

That's not to say that I don't care about style and fashion and looking good anymore - quite the opposite really - it's just that my style and sense of what looks cool has grown up and been heightened.

A really well cut, good fitting pair of charcoal pants and a crisp white button down is my new "Going Out" attire, a great departure from the days of jeans and printed t-shirt with sneakers.

I guess I've gotten to the days where I can actually say, "I don't understand the kids these days..." and tell you that I think Huey Lewis was right all those years ago when he said, "It's hip to be square."

P.S. If you think citing Huey Lewis makes me a total dork - peep Pineapple Express and see who they got singing the theme song... Huey Lewis and the muotherfuckin' News baby!


eyebleaf said...

you're officially old. i'm only 25, and i don't understand what the hell the kids are wearing these days.

damn kids and their rap music.

Newt said...

Don't feel bad... I have been off the fashion bandwagon for years.