Saturday, July 5, 2008

MMA Rules My Day

It's 10 AM and I'm sitting here watching MMA Live on

Once this is done, it's off to Chapters to buy an MMA Training Workout book "written" by Renzo Gracie.

No, I'm not looking to become the next George St. Pierre and start an MMA career at the ripe old age of 29; I'm looking to get my chubby ass in shape and MMA training combines all the elements necessary to provide the best fitness workout you can get. I've got a beach to stand on next April and I don't want to be the pasty white guy with man-boobs and a boiler...

The afternoon is going to be spent catching up on some writing and MMA is involved in there too.

While Epic is getting a CFL post - No, I'm not kidding; the CFL is actually pretty exciting, despite it's strange rules and giant field - The Love of Sports is catching an Old School Love post about "Iron" Mike Tyson because boxing and boxers are now miles behind MMA in terms of athletes and recognition and "Iron" Mike was the last fighter who drew the oohs and aahs MMA fights get now.

Then I have to go to work. 4:30 - 8:30, which means I should be out of there around 9:30, which is just perfect.

At 10:00, I'll be sitting in my basement with some food and a drink staring at the TV.

Tonight is UFC 86 and features Quinton "Rampage" Jackson versus Forrest Griffin in the Main Event and I am absolutely jacked about this battle between two of my favourite fighters. The undercard is pretty solid too.

I'll keep you posted on the training, in case you care...

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