Monday, May 26, 2008

And Now We Wait...

Yesterday afternoon, Sarah and I went to meet our potential new dog.

Yes, that's him. Isn't he cute?

After meeting him, two things were certain:

  1. Our original name idea - Pickle - doesn't suit him. He's a Dog Faced Gremlin and so, his new name will be Gizmo.

  2. We really, really, really love this dog!
The uncertain thing is whether we're actually going to get this dog.
Yesterday, when we met the dog, we also met the family, obviously.
The dog actually belongs to the most mature 9-year-old girl I have ever met, although her apparent lack of exercising the dog is the reason he could become a Kyte.

At least, that's the reason we were given.

After spending thirty minutes with the family - except for the father / husband - Sarah and I came to a couple revelations:

  • Dad hates this dog. He has a Lab and this little dog is the furthest thing from a Lab.

  • It's entirely possible that we're serving as a wake up call to this poor 9 year old who is being expected to provide solo care for this dog.

I don't care how mature your kids are - who gets their 7-year-old a dog and then expects her to be the only one who takes care of it? She's a kid for chrissakes!

It probably doesn't help that the family of five also has a big Lab, two ferrets, a guinea pig, some fish, a couple sharks and a camel in the backyard...

Mix in a 14-year-old son, 9-year-old daughter and a one-year-old who we were shockingly told was a surprise - I'm not lying! - and you can see how the townhouse might be a little crowded.

Oh yeah, the fact that our potential future dog can also tackle the little girl - which he did at one point yesterday - might work in our favour too.

We sent an email thanking them for the visit and got one back earlier today asking for a little patience while they talk things over.

So now, we wait, fingers crossed, dog treats at the ready.


jennifer said...

CUTEE!!! Gizmo is a much better name.. for this dog anyway.. But Pickle was a laugh.

Newt said...

Pickle is always a good dog name. It crossed the table when we picked Hero the wonder dogs name. Oh well. Shes the furthest thing from a hero but we love her. Sometimes. Good luck and hope things work out for you.

Ashley said...

What happened to the name 'balls'?

Anonymous said...

What about wiener dog or the meatball?

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Balls had to be swapped out because:

a) It's not really appropriate to yell in the area we live - too many kids!
b) This dog doesn't suit the name
c) Somehow, I don't think Garry would be a big fan of the name either...

I will indeed still carry out hope to name a dog Balls at some point though.