Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just Like Death and Taxes

You can add a Spring corporate structure conflict with Passion Magazine to the above list of inevitable events.

It happened last year, it's happening again now and all I can say is, "Awesome!"

Yesterday sucked enough on it's own.

I didn't need to any news from Passion pissing in my cornflakes to ruin the day. So when I clicked into my email last night to check the status of my completed and submitted Michael Musto Interview - which was to be running in the next issue - and had one new message, this was not what I expected or needed.

Basically, everything is on hold.

My interview.
The issue.
The magazine in general.

Had I not gotten the news I received yesterday, this would have been a colossal kick in the nuts, but whatever. I've benefited from my relationship with Passion more than they have benefited from having me on the writing staff and should the issue or the magazine not move forward, the intellectual property that is my interview with Michael Musto will be become a free agent piece that I shop like a mo'fo in efforts to secure a new gig.

I was planning on doing just that anyway. Not with the interview, but with my services.

In the relatively short time that I have been professionally putting pen to paper, I've built a reasonably good-looking portfolio of Pop Culture, prose and sports-minded pieces that look awful good when lined up front to back in an Adobe file.

So, I'm going to put some polish to the pieces, burn them onto a CD or 7, send out feelers and see what happens.

Worst case? Bugs, Epic, Trot Magazine and this here blog.

Best case? Who knows? Someone might actually think what I have to say is amusing...

You know, besides you lot!

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Newt said...

At least you have the Musto interview in the bag.