Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Our House Edition

Thankfully, reorganizing our London living space didn't involve the delicately coiffed Ty Pennington and his band of overly enthusiastic, sentimental carpenters, designers and trades people.

I don't know if there is a group of people on television who annoy me more than the folks riding that big, stupid bus.

It did take about three weeks from start to finish. More correctly, it took three weeks from start to "organized and sorted out enough that no one is going to go postal in the next couple weeks while we finish tinkering with designs and alignments."

You see, Sarah and I are both pretty anal retentive about some things.

Number one for me is cooking - as in, if I'm cooking, why exactly are you in the kitchen, touching my food and taking up my space?

As much as my mother would try to refute this, number two is organization. Everything has a place where it belongs, so why not put it there? Dirty dishes and garbage are my biggest pet peeves, especially when you leave the dishes on top of the dishwasher and the garbage next to the trash can...

Sarah can get screaming mad - literally - when things aren't clean and organized and out of her way. It's a frightening occurrence that I could do without...

So Sunday night, Sarah and I got talking about our plans for yesterday; what we wanted to get done, what to have for dinner, etc.

Finishing the Guest Room / Office was Priority #1 on my list, especially with Garry heading to BC for another two weeks this AM.

Since I spend a ton of time in here, having it organized and inviting is important to me. I couldn't finish it on my own, however, because we needed the shelving unit from downstairs and the new guy to the house doesn't go moving all of his future father-in-law's junk, no matter how many weeks it's been since he first mentioned he was going to do so.

Sarah, however, is a different story. She's Daddy's Little Girl (I might get smacked for that one) and so when she mentions moving the shelving unit, within 30 minutes it has been cleaned off and relocated to the Guest Room.

She also managed to get the basement cleaned up as well. Not only is all the clutter and junk that has just been sitting around since Christ was a cowboy been discarded (or at least moved somewhere else), but the alignment of the basement is way better now.

The final steps in the process will happen later today - cleaning out the fridge, freezer and cupboards and doing a massive reorganization.

Then we're done and we managed to do it without any sappy stories, dreamy carpenters or collection of neighbours yelling, "Move that bus!"


Newt said...

The last thing you want is ty pennington running around your house screaming with a megaphone. The 2nd last thing you want is all your home furnishings from Sears.

Ashley said...

Ty and the bus are annoying, I agree...but the stories are usually good!
What's wrong with sears?

Newt said...

Its not sears in particular... its the thought of having all your home furnishings from one store. When you are done decorating your home it should be furnished with memories. Sure it would be nice to have all new things but personally I want everything that makes my house a home have a unique memory behind it.