Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yesterday was a beautiful ending to a long 10 days, as we laid my grandfather and namesake Edgar Gordon Levy to rest in Cornwall, Ontario.

This wasn't a day of sorrow and misery; yes there was sadness, but it was sadness from not being able to share the stories we told and the laughs we had with the man who inspired them all, the glue that held our family and friends together for so many years.

Yesterday was a day of remembering Papa and paying tribute to him and we did that in spades.

Faye read a great eulogy - sweet, funny, proud, all things Papa was every day.

The four grandsons - Rob, John, Peter and myself - all delivered readings and served as Pallbearers alongside four of Buster's closest and dearest friends - Ricky, Jack, Robin and Keith.

It wasn't until we laid Papa down at his final resting place that the emotion hit me.

Resting behind Papa - waiting for him for the last thirty years - was his only son, my uncle Eddie, who died tragically ten days after I was born in 1978.

One of the first thoughts I had upon hearing the news of Buster's passing on Tuesday was that now he's reunited with Eddie and the two of them have already lined up a couple fishing and hunting trips up in Heaven.

As we waited in the little room they usherd the eight pallbearers into, the stories and memories and laughs flowing freely, Robin looked around the room with a smile and said, "You know him and Eddie have already gone fishing together."

Everyone smiled and nodded their head, knowing full well that Papa was doing just fine.

In fact, yesterday, I think he was doing better than the rest of us.

So long Pere...
Give me a hand every once in a while, between fishing trips...
And say hi to Uncle Eddie for me.

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