Sunday, May 25, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

This week was full of developments and distractions, so grab a cup of coffee - or your drink of choice - and settle in to get caught up on what's been going on...

1. Get Tired of Sushi? Not Possible
Sarah and I stopped on the way home from Cornwall last Friday night and feasted, as per usual, at the All-You-Can-Eat joint in Kitchener that we love. As Garry didn't accompany us, he felt left out and craving sushi. So we went again Monday night. I honestly would eat this stuff every day of the week if money wasn't an object and AYCE joints are the best place to try for beginners, since you can pick at stuff everyone else likes without paying an arm and a leg.

2. Serving: It's Like Riding a Bike
Tuesday was Shift #1 back in the realm of restaurant service and other than having no clue where anything was (getting better) or what the hell is on the menu (know it cold now), everything was aces. How could it not be? It's serving. You bring out the food, smile like an idiot, lather, rinse, repeat. My training wheels are off now too. I'm all growed up!

3. We've Found a Dog!
Actually, Sarah found him, but I love him just as much as she does and we haven't even met him yet. Him is Luka, a 18-month-old 3/4 Pug, 1/4 Jack Russell - that makes him a Jug - who we're meeting this afternoon. Should he become a member of the family, his name will be changed to Pickle. Why Pickle? Why not?

4. Now I Know How Vanessa Loring Felt, Except Not
Vanessa Loring being Jennifer Garner's character in Juno for the awesomeness challenged. Over the course of the week, we've gone from getting to meet the dog to bringing the dog home yesterday to bringing him home today to come meet him Sunday and we'll go from there. I couldn't imagine how nerve racking it would be to do this with a child. We haven't even met the little snorting drool machine and we already know that it'll be Sad Bastard Central if we don't get him. Imagine if he was a kid? I wouldn't leave the house for weeks...

5. Driving My Dream Car, Circa 1993
I was 15 in 1993, so I wasn't driving anything. If I was, I wanted to be driving a Civic Hatchback. You know, the one with the bubbled-out back, sits low to the road and was everywhere? That one. Fifteen years later, I'm driving that car. Vic - yes, I know, not very original - is great, in terms of what we need right now. But in terms of former Dream Car, it's like having had a school boy crush on Alyssa Milano and watching her grow up into a baseball player groupie... kind of a letdown.

6. Exercise - Not As Bad As I Always Thought
Playing demolition derby with Bambi over Christmas forced me to walk a lot during the final months of being in Newfoundland. Moving home, I still tend to walk to work as often as I can. And I gotta say, I like it! Work is 1.5 km from home, which means a round trip is 3 klicks worth of exercise, something it would have taken me three weeks to accumulate pre-Christmas Crash. Now, not even a little rain stops me from walking home. Probably because it's only wussy Ontario rain and I barely get damp. It's not like a good old Newfie Rain Storm!

7. Irons in the Fire, Part I
My man and regular iBlog commentor Newt and I have been discussing a joint venture a little as of late - Vain? Maybe. Useful? I think so. It would basically be like a Spencer Kyte Wal-Mart - you could read the blog, check out updates on upcoming projects, link to my Bugs and Epic posts and get your milk, laundry detergent and a cute new outfit all in one place. Feedback please...

8. Irons in the Fire, Part II
Add another freelancing job to the resume! Got in touch with the fine folks at Canadian Sports Magazine over the past week and it looks as if we're going to be able to get together on some work in the very near future.

9. Cross Those Fingers People
Applied to be a newspaper man earlier in the week and all the good thoughts and superstitious activities you can think up would be greatly appreciated. The Kingston Whig-Standard is looking for a new Sports Reporter, so I figured, "Why Not?" Worse case, they, like the Kitchener Record, don't bother getting back to me. No harm, no foul. $1.21 well spent.

10. Tomorrow is #200!
Can you believe I've churned out 199 of these things already?
Can you believe how much time you've wasted reading them?
Thanks for the 199 posts worth of support gang!


jennifer said...

CONGRATS on the #199!!! WAHOO!!

Keep em' commin!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Spencer!

Just wanted to leave a note saying your blog is good reading! keep it up!


Newt said...

personally I have never done the sushi thing. I have a growing curiosity surrounding it thanks to the new AYCE sushi joint in Guelph. People keep coming into the store telling me about it. I figured that many people can't be wrong.

Newt said...

Oh, BTW, congrats on #200 plus I agree that a website could be good exposure for a freelance writer. Especially when you can work from home for anybody in the world. Not a bad gig.

Ashley said...

Yes, bring on a website!