Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Next Move

With one part of life sorted out, we've wasted no time in getting down to work on the next phase of life, deciding where exactly we want to set up shop for the foreseeable future.

Eschewed are the pipe dream ideas of moving to the Cayman Islands or England or somewhere exotic; while any of those would be nice, they're not really feasible and since we're in the process of growing up, being realistic is important.

Over coffees (both of us) and cigarettes (just me) this morning, I think we narrowed the field down to three legitimate, realistic choices. They are:

  1. Cambridge / Kitchener / Waterloo
  2. Northern British Columbia
  3. Midland
Rocking the Tri-Cities would work on a number of levels, as it is central to both of our Ontario-based families and close enough to Toronto that we can jump on the 401 and catch a game / show / concert / meal any time our schedules allow. There is also the added bonus of being located in an area where I have a great deal of contacts and opportunities to continue to build this writing career of mine.

NBC makes sense because the fine folks in government in Sarah's home province would pay back her sizable Student Loan for her, as well as contribute extra cash on every pay cheque for her having two degrees. Couple that with being in closer proximity to her Mum and brother, the beautiful and spacious outdoors Sarah loves and I'm coming to enjoy as well and these two lead dogs are neck and neck...

Midland is a distant third simply because, well, it's Midland. The benefit, or potential benefit, is a place to stay at a reduced rate when Sarah's Aunt and Uncle make their regular winter pilgrimage to California or Florida or whatever warmer climate they decide to inhabit this winter. Faye might be up there too, but since Faye has about as much of a plan as to where she'll be in September as we do, we're leaving her out of the discussion for now.

Feel free to cast your votes in the comment section.

Sorry Newfoundlanders, but coming back to St. John's isn't an option.

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