Sunday, May 11, 2008

10 Things I Learned This Week

1. My Grandfather is a Great Man
I knew this all along, but seeing the people who have shown up to see him at the hospital and the phone calls that have poured into my grandmother's house asking about him reminded me. Buster is an institution in Cornwall, but he's also the glue that holds our family together, along with Nan, of course. In the span of two days, everyone was there. That tells you how important he is to us all.

2. My Son Will Have Edgar in His Name
The legacy needs to be carried on...

3. I Have an Incredible Girl
She's been with me the whole time and she's been outstanding. She knows me almost as well as I know myself and knows when to talk and when nothing at all is what needs to be said. My family gave me the best gift I could ever ask for this past couple days, opening their arms and accepting her fully into our little group. You're my rock Sarah... I Love You!

4. No More Blockbuster
All this Cornwall business put an end to Blockbuster before the official date could arrive. Sadly, I didn't get to have a "Fuck Blockbuster" moment yet. Maybe I'll burn all my uniforms later. I will say this: there isn't a single ounce of me that is going to miss that job. No one should hate what they do. Life is too short to not follow your dreams.

5. Speaking of Dreams...

Starting tomorrow, writing becomes Priority #1. Passion falling by the wayside (or wherever it has fallen as of right now) is a good thing, because it gives me more time to go out and grab at bigger, brassier rings and that is what I intend to do. It's time to make this shit happen instead of waiting for it to come to me.

6. I Think I Gotta Make Up With My Old Man
This being angry is just too damn hard. I'm too damn old to still be walking around holding grudges. Yeah, he fucked up and we had a couple good dust-ups about it. Time to move forward. Life is happening rapidly around me and he is one obstacle that I can't keep avoiding.

7. The Wedding Planning Has Commenced

Destination Wedding Magazine #1 was purchased last night - not by me you bunch of smart-ass bastards - and talk on The Cole Side of an Engagement Party sometime this summer has begun as well. I find it hilarious that everyone took that one week to be caught off guard and surprised, then dove into planning mode head first. Time to start on My Guest List I suppose...

8. Ryan Seacrest is a Total Douchebag!

Not that I hadn't realized this before, but the only radio station we could get pre-Toronto on yesterday's drive home had American Top 40 on and hearing that uber-douche talk made me want to drive the car into an overpass. Thankfully, Sarah was driving and I could just stare out the window, fuming at how much I hate Ryan Seacrest.

9. Living Here is Weird
Not weird bad, just weird. I think anyone who has been on their own for an extended period of time then moves back into a parent's home will tell you the same thing. Just odd going from walking around your apartment naked - if you're so inclined - and peeing with the door open whilst talking to the missus to closing the door and always having pants on.

10. The Jays Are Done
Read the latest B&C piece if you don't know why already. It's going to be a long summer of trying to make crappy baseball seem interesting... but we'll still give it a shot!

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Ashley said...

Congrats on the wedding plans and the end of your blockbuster career!
p.s how dare you speak this way of ryan seacreast? haha
Miss you!