Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Miley...

Here is the picture in question for the four people on Earth who haven't seen it yet.

Now let's talk about it.

Is it a little racy? Yes; she's 15 and clutching a sheet to her naked body, offering up a demur look to Annie Leibovitz' lens.

Is it any different than Brooke Shields frolicking topless in Blue Lagoon at the same age? Uh, no. Click for visual proof.

Or her declaring that "nothing comes between me and my Calvin's..."

I could go on and on with the far more dangerous and explicit images of young girls that have been laid out for society over the years I've been on this planet.

In the grand scheme of things, I'm sorry, but this isn't that bad.

Here is my take on why there has been such an uproar over the picture:

Seeing Disney's Perfect Princess taking photos like this scares the hell out of every parent who has encouraged their daughters to be like Miley.

You see, pre-photos, Miley was a perfect role model for the tween set and parents could point to her as the picture of virtue and purity and goodness.

Now, out come these photos - and others on some kids MySpace page - of a not-so-perfectly wholesome Miley doing what millions - literally millions - of kids in that age range do... discovering sex and sexuality.

The problem then becomes that if these parents can't point to wholesome Miley, who are they going to encourage their children to pattern themselves after? What are we to do?

1) You (parents) should be the best role model for your child. Hands down. NQA. I know it's not always the case, just saying...

2) Females - think back to when you were 15... did you start liking boys and experimenting a bit? Why should it be different for anyone else, including Miley Cyrus?

3) Diablo Cody said it best through Allison Janney's "Bren" in Juno: I think kids get bored and experiment with sex. More truthful words could not be uttered, especially in our current over-sexed society.

To draw from the anonymous comment left on yesterday's post, I offer up these thoughts:

You're right that "we" have to educate our children about what is right and wrong, but the "we" is parents and guardians and Miley's parents and guardians gave the thumbs up to these photos before the hoopla came to a head. Do you honestly think Achy Breaky Dad is trying to prostitute his daughter...

These aren't random photos found on Chester the Molesters hard drive, so therefore, they are different. It's not child porn masquerading as art. It is a goddamn photo shoot and thousands like it took place before this one without anyone batting an eye.

Is this really the biggest issue for us to be dealing with right now? I mean shit - it's a goddamn picture exposing her back. It's not like she's facing the forward doing the old "hand bra" technique or anything. But this is waaaay more important than the wars going on all over the world, the fact that people everywhere are without food, The Terminator runs California, Global Warming...

Have a little perspective, that's all I ask.


Jennifer said...

ewww.. She looks like a ghost! Parents:you should be the role models for their children.. and if thats not the case, then why arn't you, and what have you done for this not to be? Yes young children gravitate to stars such as Miley, and Brittany Spears, but as a parent it's your duty to teach or child(ren) what's right and wrong in every situation.. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!

and PS.. Spence I love how "people like you" are the cause of all of this uproar.. that makes me laugh

Newt said...

When will people learn that its never the parents fault?

Can people not learn from Brittany, Lindsay and the Olsen Sisters? Little Kids grow up and if your young child is idolizing a 14 year old starlette you can be sure that in at least 2 years tops said starlette is going to whore herself out to the media. Anticipate the whoring because its coming.
Oh, almost forgot... I wouldnt want to see my 15 year old daughter in this shot but I don't imagine any father would want to see any of his daughters in this form ever. On the flip side it could be and has been MUCH worse.


Chalk said...

Spence -- Believe it or not I'm one of the four.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Any of the other three out there reading? Or am I the only sheltered one?

captain nemo said...

why is it that this country always turns into a bunch of giggling six year olds over sex?

her family was there. they liked the photo. she liked the photo. it's her handlers at disney who have their panties in a twist over this. they probably forced her to apologize and get all righteously indignant. it wasn't even an issue until "she" (disney) took issue with it.

and vanity fair laughs all the way to the bank. they're going to at least triple their sales for this issue. someone at disney should lose their job for being stupid enough to start this ball rolling.

also don't tell me you wouldn't tap that just for the bragging rights. until she turns 18 and schtups half of so-cal, you could win any beer-fueled conquest contest with that. "i slept with hannah montana. game, set, match."

Newt said...

I wouldn't tap that for bragging rights. Respect for Nemo -10 pts.

Ash. said...

I agree 100% with you, Spencer. There are FAR more important issues out there than some hollywood girl baring her back. Worse things have been done, and clearly people are only pissed because she's little miss Disney. People just look for something to talk about because they're bored. Got an issue? Go and do something about it, don't sit and whine.

-Ash. [Jenn's Friend.]

Sarah said...

Photos like this wouldn't be such a big deal if dick heads like captain nemo didn't see girls as something to "tap", and make competitions out of sex.. especially with young girls.

jennifer said...


Jenn n said...

Wow Spencer, you should make blogs on controversial issues more often! Look at all these comments :D

On topic though, when did showing ones back become risqué? I think this picture is actually really beautiful, I don't see how anyone could see it as sexual. It's the way people have reacted to this picture that has disturbed me, not the picture itself.

(it also disturbs me that some people sleep with others for "bragging rights")