Thursday, April 3, 2008

So Long Old Friend

I'm somewhat saddened today, as the first car I ever owned is no longer mine.

The Shitbox is changing hands, so I thought I would pay her one last tribute.

We've been together since February 2002, when I bought her off the shady Armenian guys in North York who somehow managed to get the car safetied without a horn or left turn signal, not to mention the ashtray that somehow when AWOL following my test drive.

Those first few months were dicey, as a mysterious problem drained her of her energy every other day. Even the folks at the Saturn Dealership with their fancy computers couldn't figure out what was wrong. Stupid trunk light...

With over 100,000 km logged together, we had some great adventures:

  • A Cornwall trip to see the old man, soundtracked by 50 Cent's debut album
  • The Dave Matthews Two Day'er - Montreal and Toronto, Back-to-Back
  • Runs to every stop I've made along the way, from Midland to London and all points in between
And of course, our two and a half days together, loaded to the hilt with all my worldly possessions coming here to The Island where she'll spend her last years.

Mind you, there have been some shit moments too:
  • The Katie Cain Keying Incident
  • A Year and a Half with Jay-Z & Linkin Park Collision Course stuck in the CD Player
  • All the leaking...
  • Surprise! No More Stereo!
In a weird way, it's like she knew the last thing I really needed her for was getting out here to Newfoundland, because it's been a rough go since we arrived. The TLC she was afforded at Don's Brake & Tune Up (Dunlop Street in Barrie, ON) went the way of the dinosaur as soon as money got tight and slowly she's faded into the snow covered carcass that sits in my driveway.

The '97 Saturn Shitbox SL is going to a new home now, with Derek, my boss from Blockbuster. He's a Saturn driver himself, so I know he'll treat her well.

Actually, I don't know that he will. I don't even care really. I'm just glad to be rid of the heap. The fact that he's paying me for it is... I mean...

You're getting a great deal Derek. If I didn't have to go so soon I'd wait and get a better price on the old girl. But I'm off on Tuesday and the timing is right. You be good to my girl.

I'll miss you Shitty.


Newt said...

Nothing like saying goodbye to your first car. As a guy it is a special moment.
I remember my first... a 1988 Honda Prelude loaded to the hilt with 1988ish options. It was a great car with the exception that it leaked water around the windshield, the sunroof sometimes locked open, the doors didn't lock (or unlock if you missed the memo and locked the doors), it spewed gasoline into the cabin right onto the drivers feet, it had more rust on it than sheet metal and then it eventually impaled itself with a tree limb and set itself on fire.
Did I mention it was a great car?
I guess there must be something special that allows you to overlook all the downfalls that your first car had.
Sorry about the long post and say bu-bye to the shitbox for me.

Bucky said...

Yeah I am sure that car paid a few tabs at the club for my old man...

E. Spencer Kyte said...

Thanks for that Bucky...

Glad my car bought your dad a couple lap dances and bevies at Leftovers!

Deuce said...

Heres to the Shitty, and all the good, and to all the leaky times! Cheers!