Saturday, April 26, 2008

Damn Straight, Sheryl Crow!

A change will do me good and over the last couple of days, a great deal has changed. The goodness of said changes will officially be determined later, but I'm pretty psyched about the possibilities.

The biggest announcement - or at least the one I am happiest about - is that my time at Blockbuster Video is coming to an end.

I gave my two weeks notice earlier today, as instead of asking "Ever heard of our Rewards Program?" I will now be asking "What can I cook for you tonight?" in my Montana's Cookhouse shirt. Spencer the Server is back and I like it!

But I wouldn't be evoking Sheryl Crow for just one thing. One thing is a tweak.

Announcement #2 is my addition to the contributors list at Trot Magazine (Stop Laughing Sarah...) with an initial assignment already sitting on my desk and being worked on in my head.

As much as I love working for Passion and you, me and the intelligent folks in the world acknowledge the validity and quality contributions of blogs and sites like Epic and Bugs, Trot serves as my first foray into a nationally recognized publication in an industry that I have a great deal of knowledge about and have grown up loving.

One is a tweak, two is only an adjustment. A change is three...

Interviewing Michael Musto for the next issue of Passion rounds out the trio of triumphs that leads to referencing Sheryl Crow songs.

This was something I put to my editors and they have agreed, marking the second time in as many issues that I will be putting together something of my own creation for publication.

Musto is one of the best in the celebrity gossip business and has been for years with his La Dolce Musto column and Daily Musto blog at the Village Voice and getting this interview is a huge step forward for my career. Now all I have to do is manage to nail him down for a couple minutes sometime soon to see what he has to say about our current crop of celebrities.

Now that I've put all of this down in words and sat here looking at it, perhaps I've picked the wrong song to riff on. Maybe this should have been The Doors...

Break on through to the other side

Naw, Jim Morrison was as dick and I hate Val Kilmer!

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Newt said...

Quoting Lester Bangs in Almost Famous... "Jim Morrison was a drunken buffoon".
Congrats on the changes of direction.
Keep the momentum going!